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ballkirby1 wrote:

The update allowed me to play Pilotwings Resort again fine and the frozen black screen appears only about 1/3 of the time it did, but, man, I really don't feel like sending in something I just bought for repairs and not getting it back for a month...

Maybe you can exchange it for a new one at the store you got it from?


The chances of Gamestop taking back an assumed to be defected unit and giving me a brand shiny new one is about as likely as me trying to shoot a needle from 100 miles away wearing a blind fold 20000 ft under the ocean. I'm just going to wait for some more system updates. Nintendo is well aware of all these issues and I'm sure they'll release something that fixes it...At least I hope they do...I really shouldn't have gotten rid of my XL...

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No problems on my brother's 3DS yet... Knock on wood...


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