Topic: 3DS SD card copy error?

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Hey everybody! I have an issue and i've looked all over the fricken internet and I can't seem to find a solution to this issue, so hopefully one of you guys can give me a hand.

Basically I had a 4 gb SD card from Nintendo the white wii/dsi SD card and I bought a brand spankin new 32gb sdhc card
so when I try to transfer the contents of the 4gb SD card to a folder on my pc I get this error

Im a computer guy myself so yes I know how to transfer the data perfectly fine, what makes me confused is not to long ago I made a previous back up
from a 2gb to a 4gb card so im either assuming that the 4gb card is being dumb and is having an issue transferring the file or I've downloaded something that is resisting the transfer all togather. But when I press skip it goes through like normal on the new SD card (32gb one) but none of the applications show up? I got to the add-on content part of data management and it reads and finds that but not the actual games? I dont know what to do any more and I payed 20 bucks for that 32gb card so I dont want it to go to waste, and with COS;MOF and MH3 coming in March I gotta make room D:

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