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I haven't really threated my 3DS that good, but I wouldn't say it'd be bad enough to break the R-button.
Basically, nothing happens when I press it, only rarely, one time out of like, hundred. Plus, the L-button
also does this, but only occasionally as far as I can see it. Playing Street Fighter feels uncomfy as I need to change the controls
to something weird, other games don't work at all, etc. I'd really like to get Mario Kart 7 and I really hope I'll be able to change
the controls there. Any suggestions?

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Although it might not work, try blowing into the shoulder buttons. It worked with my Dsi's R button but that was because blowing into it apparently dislodged the dust that made it malfunction..

There's always the option of sending your 3DS to Nintendo as long as you have a warranty. Seeing that your problem isnt serious enough to warrant a 3DS replacement, I would recommend sending it to Nintendo. Hopefully your uncomfyness goes away soon, I wish you luck.



+1 to this. I had an issue with the L button. I was skeptical about blowing as a solution, but it worked perfectly.

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The answer is very simply. You need to suck out the dust from under the button. Seems a little gross but it works everytime



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