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I was just wondering if anybody could help me out here. I bought Harvest Moon: The Tale of two towns but when I try and register my product at it doesn't work.

It is possible that I'm getting the code wrong each time since the PIN includes several W and Vs next to each other but I wanted to ask some questions that somebody here might be able to answer first before systematically trying every possible combination.

1. Does anybody know how many characters are usually in the Australian PIN numbers for 3DS games? The first character is printed rather close to the edge and I want to make sure it isn't missing a letter.

2. Would it matter if the game I bought is a European version as opposed to specifically Australian? I noticed the Cartridge says EUR and not AUS like my Zelda: Oot 3D cartridge.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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That is why you can't get it because Club Nintendo will only accept codes that are for that region. For example the Club Nintendo in UK would not accept a code from AUS because they only accept UK codes.


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