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Please help. My 3DS cannot connect to my Virgin Superhub, even though it has done in the past. My 3DS was connecting to the router when all of a sudden I get the error code 003-1101 (which is security key wrong/environment is bad/configured incorrectly). I know this is rubbish because it does work with the exact same settings and all of a sudden it fails and cannot connect again. This has happened before and I fixed it by resetting the router (Late Wednesday night) after which it worked until today (Sunday afternoon) and I have tried everything to reconnect including creating new connections using different routes e.g. Wi-Fi protected etc and it will not work.

The problem is that I live in a student house so resetting the router every time this occurs is problematic as it affects 4 other people who are all online so I would like a more permanent solution. Thanks.



it happened to me yesterday... and yes the only solution I found was resetting the router. why don't you try doing it sometime no one's using the internet like in the middle of the night(ok like there's no students that spend all night in the internet without sleeping even a little ) or when(if) you get a day off and they don't(though it'd take too long to solve this way...)

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