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1. How do I open slots 5 and 6 on my deck
2. Whats a good deck for week 3, day 3. One of the problems is that my most powerful pins leave Neku vulnerable when he is either charging or using them.


Answer to 1, copied from TWEWY Wikia:

(S) Extra Slot

Number 377
Name (S) Extra Slot
Sticker affects Neku
Description Adds an additional pin slot to your decks. Open the Pins Menu (available on your phone) and pick out another pin to wear!
Tips If you wear a pin, it will grow through combat and other actions. Higher pin levels mean stronger attacks, so keep your deck filled!
How to get Sold by:
Import Stylings - Shibukyu Main Store, from Week 2 Day 3 for 2x Scarletite; 2x Rare Metal;
Lifestyle selects - 104, from Week 2 Day 5 for 2x Scarletite; 4x Rare Metal; 1x Tektite




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