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So, it's getting closer to Halloween, so I decided to ask a quick question in honor of the holiday.

What do you prefer, the old fashioned, shambling zombies from movies and books past, or the running zombies seem in movies such as 28 Days Later and games like Left 4 Dead?

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The former.

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The latter are scarier, because we're expecting the former. But if you're asking me which I prefer, as in which I would prefer to level a shotgun at? The former, of course - easy pickings.

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running and undead just don't make sense together. period. i mean, it's a feat enough that they're still able to control their limbs, let alone balance enough to stand. walking is creepy and scientifically unlikely already... running just gets into the absurd. so not only are rotting corpses alive once again, but they all used to be athletes and have retained their former prowess? right.

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I reckon any zombie that makes a noise outside when you're paranoid and missing out on sleep or stumbles out of the shadows is pant-browningly superior.

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I prefer the good old classic zombies that are slooooooow, fall apart but still seem like a thread

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I IS A ZOMBIE!!!....what's funny is this thread is now a zombie! Untitled

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I prefer the rare extremely intelligent stealth zombies that don't seem like zombies at all until they attack. Mindless zombies are way too overdone to be good anymore.

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these old threads are coming back from the dead like zombies...

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I IS A ZOMBIE!!!....what's funny is this thread is now a zombie! Untitled

And we've had our fun. Let's stop spamming the new threads with these old ones

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