Topic: Your most hated modern music band or singer??

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Aqua are making a come back? That's great news, I can't wait.

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edit: ty Stevie, fixed. Everybody will be soo grateful.

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That Morrissey is sooooo annoying and self-depricating is integral to his charm. That others can't stand him only adds to his appeal to those that love him. Love that! Okay, /Morrisssey. NEXT!

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Yes it was intentional, the perfect name for the king of sulk don't you think

Edit: Your awesome video isn't working Machu

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@Machu's video
I feel like I had a loaded gun in my hand pointed at my own head, pulled the trigger and the gun didn't fire! Whew! Thank GOD! Why did I even click that link to begin with?

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LOL @ V. I've fixed it if you want face the fear once more.

but I wouldn't

And as for Morrisey, I don't judge those who do like him, just cos I don't get it.

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OH MY DAYS, out of curiosity I have just checked out Aqua's new single 'Back in the 80's', and I must say I haven't laughed that hard for a while, check some of these lyrics -

Back in the Ronald Reagan days'
When we put satellites in space,

When Eminem's were just a snack,
When Michael Jackson's skin was black,
Back when the coolest thing in the store,
Was a commodore 64

Check it -

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I'm buying that! Untitled



warioswoods wrote:


"Morosey" . . . haha, I hope that was intentional, but either way it's very amusing.

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__Stevie wrote:

However, I do have excellent news for music lovers everywhere, After a 8 year hiatus Danish pop sensation Aqua are reforming to release their Greatest hits (did they have more than 2??) and new material, isn't that just great news!!!

Loads rifle, points it at head


No making fun of Aqua in this thread. Aqua was the first cd I bought. I like them.

my_point_is wrote:

country music sucks too.

Why do you feel that way? What about it don't you like?

The+Fox wrote:

Christian music. All of it is just terrible and stretches the definition of the word music to the breaking point.

Now hold on just one hot minute. Christian choral music and Christmas music is beautiful. I hope you're just referring to Praise/Worship music, like Christian Rock or Pop. And holy moses, I can't stand gospel.

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@Clickety - I wouldn't dare make fun of Aqua, they had 3 consecutive No1's in the UK, and in the last 2 hour i have listened to and thoroughly enjoyed the amazing lyrics in the first verse of their new track a number of times. At least they write and perform their own tracks, I have some level of respect for any artist that does that.

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I didn't think my thrend would get lots of replies.
Thanks a million guys!
and yes you could say what genre you hate THESE days or what band/singer you hate.

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@ clickerty. i just don`t like country music, i don`t know why exactly.
i`ve known people who do like country music, and i have listened to a fair bit because of them, but it just didn`t stike a chord for me.
lets put it this way. would you ask a tammy wynett or kenny rogers fan if they wanted to go to night club that played house music all night long. i`m sure the answer would be a resounding NO.
as for aqua, i never did like their brand of cheesy pop music, although, turn back time was good. which i do find to be a rael oddity from them.
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Yes, praise/worship/gospel and Christian pop/rock is more what I was referring too. I have a soft spot for Christmas music, great memories from childhood associated with that.

Oh, and Unblack Metal is the worst of all of the Christian music subgenres.
Talk about just plain sad.

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Denmark still has crimes against humanity to answer for regarding Aqua. Spawning that group was just plain evil.

"The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."

-President John Adams

Treaty of Tripoly, article 11


I also forgot about modern country music (2000's). All that stuff is just crappy pop wannabe music. Also WTH is up with this singing about this beach crap (glares at Kenny Chesney). Rascal Flatts has got to be the worst of them all though. God I hate them.

If you want REAL country get a Hank Williams Jr., Alabama, Charlie Daniels, or an Alan Jackson album.

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So did Mattle sue Aqua over that Barbie Girl song?

Back in the day, I had enough foresight not to buy an entire cd of Aqua music, but I did buy the cassette single for "Barbie Girl." o_O

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Basically all the mainstream pop music such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and so on so on. And Tokio Hotel!
It stinks!



Nicleback, Kings of Leon ,Pussycat dolls (though there alright with the sound down ) oh and an oldie but a baddie ....Celine $%*&£** Dion. No ................ just no... Thats a few more off my chest. hmmmmmm I love this thread..........

What's this bit for again?


It's been such a long time since I've allowed myself to listen to any "current music" with any sort of following....I went pretty straight electronic several years back and haven't been back to the more lyrical side of things in quite a while....there's nothing for me in popular music.

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