Topic: Your most hated modern music band or singer??

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I'm not keen on Bob the Builders songs, poor lyrical content and I'm sure he doesn't write them himself.


i'm tired of defending rap. can i just talk country with you cheetahman? you like old stuff like hank williams, george jones, jim reeves, roy acuff and patsy cline?



Errr........ this is the most hated thread dudes. All music is s**t. Silence is vastly under-rated, that kinda thing

What's this bit for again?


@cheetahman91 the only country i listen to from the last few years is hank williams the III and slim cessna's auto club. but as far as all that pop country goes forget about it. i was raised on outlaw country plain and simple. i think people like carrie underwood and all the suits in Nashville or what ever ruined country music.

pretty much sums up how i feel



Magi wrote:

ACDC... they can eat poop and die.

oh and Jewel.

I agree wholeheartedly. And mostly because ACDC are played every 5 minutes on every FM station in Australia.
I also don't care for 'The Classics'. IMO if something was made before 1993 there's a good chance it's terrible.

No-one can hear Bohemian Rhapsody without singing along.
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cheetahman91 wrote:

I also forgot about modern country music (2000's). Also WTH is up with this singing about this beach crap (glares at Kenny Chesney). Rascal Flatts has got to be the worst of them all though. God I hate them.

lololololol wth is up with singing about the beach! i'm from california so thats the kinda stuff that's popular with the idiots here. tooo many bros wearing flip flots, swimming trunks, and cowboy hats blaring that soft kenny chesney all the time. barf.



i just listen to my old records (passed down from my grandfather, a real cowboy r.i.p). occasionally i go to a hank williams III show but thats it. hows sirus 61?



Technically Country music is the most dangerous to listen to of all music cultivates more inward violence than any other genre.

But Swerd, what about rap?
key word = inward violence--rap may make you wanna go out and beat somebody's ass, but it's never gonna depress you into wanting to off yourself.

Regardless, there's some surprisingly legit guitar playing in country music...I don't think I ever took the time to appreciate the actual music played during country music--it's quite good in a lot of cases. I went searching for crap (so I could bash on it ) and ended up learning a thing or two about prejudging genres.

Some people posting on this topic could learn from my experience

-Swerd Murd

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@dj: It's doing great, but I've noticed some modern country is slowly starting to creep in.

@swerd: Agreed. My favorite country guitar player is Jeff Cook.

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