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Topic: Youtube Audio Copyright

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Because the audio/music is copyrighted and uploading a video with it is like spreading a pirate copy according to WMG




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It depends on the arrangement youtube has with the record company. I've uploaded videos that youtube mutes, forcing me to re-edit them. Simply put: the record company does not allow the use of those songs. Period.

In other cases, youtube lets you use the audio, but a viewer will get a little popup linking to amazon or itunes or something to purchase the mp3.

In OTHER cases, you won't get the popup, but you will get some advertising on the side of the video.

I've heard that if you want to use a song that youtube won't allow (or if you want to use it without triggering the advertising) you can load the song into a sound editor and either increase or decrease the tempo of the song by like 1%. To the human ear there won't be a difference, but it'll be enough that the waveform will no longer match youtube's database, and it won't recognize it as copyrighted material.

I haven't tried that, yet. But I hope it helps.

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WMG is pretty psychotic. I heard that the "Happy Birthday" song is owned by them or something crazy like that.

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Ramandus wrote:

WMG is pretty psychotic. I heard that the "Happy Birthday" song is owned by them or something crazy like that.

Yes, I believe they do own that song. Although i wouldn't say that makes them "psychotic".

Youtube has recently begun to censor the unauthorized use of copyrighted music on their service. Of course, that doesn't preclude the copyright holder from filing a lawsuit against you anyway, which Chicken Brutus' method would appear to be designed to provoke. ;)