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OUCH! You should be more careful, Mr. Hippie. Also, you should get a New Age Retro Hippie Avatar to flesh out the persona.

As for me, it's mostly the usual stuff: Sore thumbs from long sessions (not too often, but it happens sometimes), cramped-up hand from Rock Band guitar, and especially sore arms and sometimes wrists from the more motion-oriented Wii games (I'm getting more used to it now, though)!

One funny thing did happen to my BROTHER years and years ago, though. Okay, it involved me, too. I have no idea why anymore, but I once threw an NES controller at him and knocked out a tooth. It was just a baby tooth anyway, so no big deal.

Oh, wait, here's my biggest video game RELATED injury, as the topic says. Last year when I saw the announcement teaser trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, I got REALLY excited and jumped up to go tell my brother. I tripped over the lawn mower in the basement and STILL have a big old mark on my leg!

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I was playing Raymond Raving Rabbids. Theres a mini-game where you "hammer throw" a cow. You have to spin your wii-mote around over your head (just easier to spin this way) and release at the right time to see just how far you tossed this cow. We had been playing for hours and I was getting tired, however it was my turn. I begun spinning and ended up smacking myself in the eye with the end of the wii-mote. I hit myself so hard that I actually saw stars! I ended up with a huge black eye out of it and everybody teased me over and over again.

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After a 3 set 6 game match against Hewitt last night, I had two knots in my back. Owwwww.

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I remember my brother and I were playing Bomberman 64 back when we were in Middle School. I had beaten him so many times in a row that he got really pissed after the last time I beat him and he threw his controller at me. Now remember how pointy the N64 controller was. Well, it cut open my eyebrow and I had to get stitches. It worked out for me since I didn't have to go detasseling for a week to let it heal up, while he still had to go.



TW10 gave me Tiger-Arm for a day or so after I first got it. Unfortunately I'll probably do it again next time I have a few days off. That thing's addictive.



Well, I get sore arms from playing WS Boxing. Sore thumbs from playing SSBB with my little bro. (And Starfy )
And headaches from all of the yelling I do when I, A: Have to play Mario Kart with my bro, B: Kick my sisters butt at Mario Kart!
Trust me, I rock at that game!

And - This isn't an injury, but - I got a muscle about the size of a Twinkie from playing Twilight Princess!

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I got one.
Me, my wife, bro in law and his wife were all playing raving rabbids and bro in law was sittin on the floor. We were playing the baseball minigame where you have to hit the rabbid and his wife went to hit the rabbid and smacked my bro in law so hard in the back of the head I sear I thought it knocked him out. I about fell off the couch laughing. Its the best Wii moment I ever had. Prob. multiplayer experience also.

@Corbie...Dude its a Star Wars game and you prob dont remember it cause you hit your head so hard, but its because you were having so much fun playin the Star Wars game that you got up excited and nailed your head.

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I think the fact that we'd visited a club earlier in the evening had a bit to do with it as well.

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Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS) gives my D-pad hand horrible cramps after just a few rounds. I love the game but can't play it for long.

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