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As the title suggests, have you ever had a moment in a game where something unexpected happened. Something where, if you told someone, that it would seem like you were exaggerating what actually happened. The sort of thing you could never ever replicate even if you tried. If you do then share them here.
I've had a couple of moments like that. Recently, while playing Rocket League, I had to drive up the wall to reach for the ball. I jumped out to hit the ball just as 2 of the other team were in mid air. The ball hit the first player, then the second, and by sheer fluke, the ball went straight into the goal.
Then there was the time I was playing Need for Speed Underground. I was in a race on a track that had a tight left hand turn just before the finish line. I was in first place, but barely leading.On the last lap I ws fast approaching the last turn, I didn't brake in time to take the turn properly, but I ended up hitting the wall, the car flipped in to the air, came crashing down and tumbled over the finish line for the win.

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The closest things I can think of are, in Pokemon Y I hatched 2 shiny Feebas BACK TO BACK. And in Golf Story I managed to break the game by glitching my character out of bounds in the mini golf course.

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A recent one was during a family MK8 match. My son (13) was in 1st and just barely before the finish line (barely another half second and he would have crossed it), I hit him with a shell, his kart did that backward flip when hit and I drove right directly under him as he was flipping and won. It looked really good on replay lol

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In Dragon Quest VI (DS) there's a part where you have to fight two tough enemies, a miniboss and then a boss. In the first fight with the two enemies, we beat them but weren't at full health. When the miniboss battle began, he wiped everyone except Carver, my bruiser. Should have been over, but I'd just equipped Carver with the Miracle Sword, which heals when you deal damage. So Carver with the miracle sword, just barely keeps himself barely alive, outhealing the miniboss' damage and solos him, and at the end of the fight we get healed for the real boss.
Go Carver!

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I was playing Breath of the Wild the other night, and decided to do the sidequest at one of the stables near Hyrule Castle where a man asks you to cook a recipe from the royal cookbooks at the Castle. So I did that and cooked the food, and I was riding back to the stable on my horse. I was enjoying the beautiful day in HyruIe and thinking about how pretty this game is. At that point, a Guardian attacked me, which wasn't too big of a deal since I had all the lategame equipment by that point. I beat the guardian, got back to the stable, and gave the guy his food.
Once I gave it to him, he said that it reminded him of the thrill of riding horseback through Hyrule Field on a sunny day. I thought that was funny since Id just just done that. Then he said it reminded him of the thrill of being chased by a Guardian--which I had also just done! The fact that the dialogue perfectly matched up with what I had just been doing seemed pretty incredible to me at the time.

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11 years ago, back when i played DDR SuperNOVA Arcade, i played Fascination MAXX on Expert diificulty.

The song was Damn Hard and Fast.
And suddenly one of my sole of foot got bleeding due to very quick movement that i forced to follow the arrows. I realized my feet stomped on a bolt on DDR panel. It was very painful experience. Luckily, my bleeding part was not too big, so i could handle the pain by walking carefully.

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I was successful at the end of Life is Strange's second episode. Spoilers, but that felt really impactful to me in the moment. It's not some 'praise RNGesus once in a million 360 noscope' nonsense, but it was really gratifying to solve that little dialogue puzzle blind. It's still one of my favorite chapters from 8th gen.

And on the 'roll of the gods' end I've had several strokes of luck with rare spawns in WoW and Monster Hunter. Not too remarkable given how long I played those games, but there was a really on-the-nose moment where, the first time I went out to consciously look for a Forest Pteryx, one was perched there plain as day. I really like rare spawns as a mechanic, especially if they're just around the periphery of a game and not locking exclusive gear behind them like in WoW. It's just a good way to add a rush of adrenaline to a game you may have played for 100s of hours and have already seen nearly everything in.

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When fighting the final boss in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption last year, my phazon meter was filling up fast. I whittled down the Aurora Unit's health until just another shot or two would down it. He/They (if you follow how the game handles the "collective first person" for the AUs) got in a few shots, and it was to the point where one hit would kill him, and another hit on Samus would cause her to overload and become Dark Samus 2.0. I still don't know how I managed it, but I got in that final shot and BOOM! Here comes the ending!

No game that I've played recently kept me on my toes that much at the very end.

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One time I was playing Toy Story 3 on Wii, and I managed to glitch the game by having Woody drive a car without actually being in the car, and just sitting in mid-air. I tried to exit said "car" and Woody started floating upwards, and I couldn't move, thus soft locking the game.
(I love how other people are talking about games that left an impact on them, or just games that they will always love, and I'm talking about a stupid glitch I found while playing a Toy Story 3 game when I was 11)


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I was playing Mario Odyssey lost kingdom, doing the Koopa Master race. It was my 3rd attempt, so I was getting desperate. During the final part where you have to push the button and wall jump, the gold koopa was a decent distance ahead of me, so I stopped wall hopping on the walls, wall hop on the back wall, dive and get to the goal at the exact moment the koopa did, and it gave me the victory. Not the craziest thing ever, but it’s the most recent thing one.

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