Topic: Your spending habits: are you a saver or spender?

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Do you usually spend all your money or save most of it? Do you wait for price drops on games you want or buy it when it comes out? I'm like to save more but temptation usually gets the better of me and I end up spending more than I want or plan to.



I usually just plan ahead; for when a game is bound to come out within that month I save up for it before that day arrives! So far the past few months have been pretty great; I got Punch-Out Wii in May, Wii Sports Resort in July, & just recently Metroid Prime Trilogy in August! And yes I got them all the day they came out!

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I'd love to save, but being conscious of my own death I can't stand the thought of dying with loads of savings going unspent. Just seems so wrong. There's enough there for rainy days but I find it's best to spend, spend, spend. It's only money after all, which doesn't actually exist.



I normally save money and very seldom buy anthing in impulse. But when I saved a large amount of money I often spent it all at one time either for something expensive or just for a bunch of things. I really need to get a studend job...well I'll turn 16 soon then I can get a good-payed job

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