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I beat the original Kingdom Hearts today. Just a few days ago, I believed Riku at Hollow Bastion was the final boss and that the story would end there. LOL. Today I decided that I was finally gonna beat the game. First, I spent an hour on the Hades Cup (before I lost). Then I went to the End of the World, and didn't stop playing until I finished the thing. Gotta tell you, I was seriously tired by the end. There were just so many battles. They just kept coming, and when I had finally beaten the last boss for real, I was sure it was too good to be true. I mean, I had thought that it was over so many times that I had given up by this point and I'd accepted that I'd be stuck fighting forever. But I did it! I beat it. Which is just so weird, since I've been playing it for years. Not to mention that this is the game that really got me into gaming. It's strange that I finally did it.

I think I'll wait a couple of weeks before I start the sequel. I need a little break from the series, but I'll definitely be back; I can't wait to explore the new worlds.


Completed Metal Gear Solid 4.
I was blown away until the mid-way-through-final-credits sequence.
Now I'm not sure how I feel.
More thoughts soon.

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Kid_A wrote:

I was blown away until the mid-way-through-final-credits sequence.

lol, I guess it tells you something about the game if you aren't blown away by it until a while after gameplay ends xP

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Played Kingdom Hearts 2 like crazy for the last few days and it's now beaten. Now I can finally allow myself to try the KH DS games. Also beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Jusitce for All last night. Will get Trials & Tribulations when I feel like it.


twilight princess and i feel horrible, WHY DID MINDA DESTROY THE MIRROR OF TWILIGHT? i wouldn't feel so bad if she hadn't!

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Dragon Quest V as its on sale on Amazon and will probably never be regular price ever again lol



Here's my Mondo Mega Monthly Recap!


Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - 9
The lowest 9 imaginable that is. I HATED the generic bubble gum Anime Art style which is honestly my only
complaint about the game. Beats SOTN imo!

Adventure Island - 7
One of the single most challenging games in NES history....If you've beaten this than you have my godly gamer respect!
I Just about threw my Wii remote into the TV screen because of World 8! Nes platformers don't get any tougher than this!

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 - 8.5
Highly addictive, frantic, fantastic INtense gameplay and easily one of the greatest DS Showcases for it's stylus controls.
Yet I couldn't bare the Sophisticated 'serious' Anime Art style and one specific track that consisted of awful elevator tunes. lol

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oO StarTropics! Oo
Started: May 1
Finished May 8 (beaten in 4 days)
Challenge: Ultra Hardness!!!

Untitled Untitled Untitled

What can i possibly say...Hands down one of the best Nes games I never played growing up, and if I had any ounce of nostalgia tied to this game, or as much full blown nostalgia when compared to something like Super Mario Bros 2, than there's no doubt that this would be one of my favorite games of all time...Hell, it's already fit tight and snug into my TOP 10 Nes games of all time and if you have already played the game than you would easily understand why as it's TropicAwesome I say.

I mean It's such an underrated classic, and it easily trumps The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Adventure of Link without question. The level design is brilliant and plays around the control method perfectly. The graphics are colorful, bright and beautiful, the music is pretty memorable and perfectly suits the tropical island atmosphere and the game NEVER gets stale whatsoever. Chapters 1-3 imo were Golden 10/10 in my eyes...They were a total joy to play, along with the bosses. And the weapons? Mike Jones weilds a Yo-Yo, and as you earn more hearts your Yo-Yo gets an upgrade, while there are weapons you get along the way like a basebeall bat, deflective Mirror, flaming Basebeall,, ect ect. And it's all freakin' awesome!

Anyways, as much as I adored Chapters 1-3 especially, Chapters 5 and 6 were pretty damn fantastic and rutheless in terms of difficulty. I honestly can't point out 'one' single flaw that i had with this game, other than Chapter 7 and 8 which were imo nowhere near as mezmorising, intelligently designed or as fun as the previous chapters. 'That' part of the game takes place in Zoda's Spaceship, and I hated how there wasn't any puzzle-like switch gameplay going on, where you had to jump on specific tiles and the like, none of that was here....Instead it was all about getting more ammo for your laser gun, taking down alien baddies and finding those 3 Alien Cubes. I mean there weren't any single rooms really at all going on either, or unlockable doors and the like. Overall it was basically an ammo collecting and destroying enemies fiesto.

And the last boss battle while extremely tricky wasn't as grand or quite as awesome as i would of hoped. It actually came off a smidge sloppy if anything compared to the previous boss battles which were a total blast. But everything before those two chapters was absolutely amazing. And if it weren't for Chapters 7 and 8, I would of easily nailed this game as a 10.

PS: And what was up with whole reference with Mike having Banana's stuck in his ears? lol

Presentation: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 8.5
Gameplay - 10

OVERALL - 9/10 Tropical Yo-Yo's!

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I've beaten both KH 358/2 Days and KH Re:coded this past week. It's time for me to give my Wii some love again.


I think I beat Sonic the Hedgehog 3 about a couple of weeks ago. 'Twas an amazing game, now I'm going to go through it again on Sonic 3+Knuckles and get all the emeralds.

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I beat Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest last night in one go! It took me over 5 hours! I have to say, this game is absolutely wonderful. The save battery is dead so this is the only way to make it to the ending. I had nothing to do that day so I decided to give it a shot. Near the end I have to admit some levels just felt tedious, but then the next level would be really fun and I'd enjoy playing through it listening to the music. The music through out the whole game was amazing! It was really hard to beat it in one go. I kept dieing so many times on the second to last world! (I hate Toxic Tower) The final boss fight was so much fun and satisfying though.
Untitled Proof if anyone wanted some. 5 hours 21 minutes. It was about 3 in the morning when I beat the game. It was a really fun night.


Been a couple of weeks ago, but my last finished game was Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Still have some stuff to do, like beating a couple of Final Fantasy V megabosses and maybe get some ultra rare items. Not sure if I want to do the whole Pink Tail quest or not. Doing it on versions of the original FF IV drove me to insanity and back (it's a short trip, but still...).

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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I wanted a small break from FF7 yesterday, and played through The House of the Dead: Overkill in one go. Took me three hours. I'm probably gonna play the Director's Cut the next time I fire up the game.


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