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Allright, assuming that this topic is not really about which game you have completed. Here are the games I beat this year so far:

Pokémon SoulSilver Version ~ Nintendo DS
Started playing: December 31st
Beaten on: January 11th
Rating: 10/10

Normally I don't hand out 10s so easily, but this game is simply amazing. I'm a huge fan of the main Pokémon games (put over 850 hours in Pearl), so it was not surprising that I liked this game. I honestly don't think I can say anything bad about it. My younger sister started her HeartGold version at the same time, so we played matches and traded along the way, which doubled the fun. I still have a long way to go before my Pokédex is completed and I doubt that I will be able to do it, since Black&White are just around the corner and all.

FIFA Street ~ XBOX
Started playing: January 6th
Beaten on: January 13th
Rating: 8/10

I always end up being addicted to a soccer game whenever I start playing one and this one was no different. I recently bought an XBOX and this was the first title that I played and I was surprised how good the graphics are. They are actually on par with the Wii. Anyway, the game was great, I was hooked on Rule the Street mode, which can be compared to a story mode. What you basically needed to do was winning matches to improve your reputation and buy better players when you were able to. I just loved performing crazy tricks and making a fool out of my opponent and even though it was repetitive, I didn't grow tired of it.

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers ~ VC
Started playing: January 15th
Beaten on: January 15th
Rating: 7/10

I'm definitely not a big fan of fighting games, but I had fun with this one. I only tried out Super mode (with Chun Li) on the easiest difficulty setting, and I even lost a few times (yeah, I'm that bad at fighting games). I played it with the Classic Controller, because I have a hard time playing SNES games with a GCN Controller. It worked allright I guess, but I still messed up some combos for some reason. Maybe your character needs to recover when you pull off some moves, but the game doesn't show that though.

Streets of Rage 2 ~ VC
Started playing: January 19th
Beaten on: January 19th
Rating: 7/10

Probably even more fun when you play multiplayer, but single player was solid too. It's such a short game though, way too short. It took me a while to get into it, since I'm not familiar with the genre, but when I finally did it ended. The final boss was a bit unfair if you ask me, with shooting bullets all over the place. How am I suppose to dodge them? Thanks to the unlimited continues I was able to finish him off though.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Started playing: November 22nd
Beaten on: January 25th
Rating: 9/10

One of the best DS games I've played. I loved the music, I loved driving the train (no, it's not boring) and I loved working together with Zelda. I didn't bother with the sidequests since I'm saving those for my second playthrough in which I hope to complete it 100%. This was the second Zelda game I've played (first one being The Wind Waker), so I'm only until recently getting into the series. Phantom Hourglass is up next.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja ~ VC
Started playing: January 20th
Beaten and completed on: January 28th
Rating: 8/10

I'm actually very proud of beating this one, because it was really hard IMO. Especially the last 2 zones were a pain. But yeah, great game. Solid platforming (although I had some trouble with jumping sometimes), nice graphics, awesome music and great humor. I liked that you could find hidden door paths in almost every town that had lots of money and a health bar upgrade inside. I'm thinking of trying co-op soon, because that seems interesting.

Mario Golf ~ VC
Started playing: January 29th
Beaten on: February 6th
Rating: 9/10

Best VC game I've played so far. It's relaxing, but challenging at the same time. I only bothered with Character Matches, because I didn't want to get too addicted to the game. Bowser was insanely difficult, but I managed to beat him after 14 failed attempts with a ton of luck included. If he didn't screw up the sudden death he would have won again, but it was like he played bad on purpose.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret ~ WiiWare
Started playing: February 6th
Beaten on: February 7th
Rating: 8/10

This game has the best music I've heard in any WiiWare game so far (well maybe except for MM9&10). The game itself is great too. It's all about exploring and finding hidden treasure at different locations. I like that there's a shop where you can upgrade your suit and weapons and stuff like that. The only downside that this game has, and it has been mentioned multiple times, are the bugs (and slowdown occasionally). You cannot reach a few amount of treasures which prevents you from completing the game 100% and that's just not acceptable.

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I just beat Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island, after spending an hour (and quite a few lives) on the final boss fight. I kind of felt bad for Bowser, though. I mean, he just wanted to ride the gween donkey! LOL Fantastic game, and I'm glad little Mario is finally home with his brother and faceless parents.


I beat Super Mario World and it was pretty cool. Definitely gonna have to replay for finding secret passages, explore the worlds, and attempt speed-runs on some stages. Definitely a fun game, but not as good as SMB3 or the original.

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Just beat Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for GBA (only took me owning it over 7 years to play it all the way through). Wanted to finish it before finishing M & L: Bowser's Inside Story that I got for Christmas. Surfing mini-game (Luigi as Mario's surfboard, ROTFLMBO) about drove me nuts (though that isn't a long drive ). Now, it's time to work on Paper Mario on N64, that I rented shortly after it's 2001 release, bought on VC a couple of years ago, but have NEVER even played past Chapter 2!

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soccer686 wrote:

I just beat Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

I'd give that a 20/10 Rating! Both are superb titles.

I spanked Deathspank (PSN) last night 100% completion.

I also got a really tough achievement on Mega Man 10 in that I made it to a boss without taking damage. That is a accomplishment in itself.

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Just finished up Dead Space 2 a few days ago, which was one hell of a ride.

Also finished up my third run on Vanquish a little while ago and am working on the Platinum for Jurassic: The Hunted — only two golds to go!

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Mega Man Zero ~ DS
Started Playing: Feb 9th
Beaten on: Feb 13th
Raiting: 9/10

The experience overall, was outsanding.
I was much more impressed with this than X2-X6, MMZX(hated it) and MM10. For me, Zero has been the greatest MM I've played since MM9, and it's easily going on my MM favorites list with 2, 9 and X for good reason. The controls were just so kinetic, tight, quick, satisfying and free. You'll feel like a super sonic Bruce Lee ninja once you've mastered the controls, bosses, enemy layout and what have you. Sure I may not beable to remember most of the Bosses names due to the weird and names, but damn were they incredibly fun and challenging to fight against. Some of the best boss battles I've ever played in a MM game ever. That aside, the graphics were beautiful, the music was pretty solid although not amazing, the missions were a blast, the boss battles were 'again' just brilliant and I really enjoyed the plot and characters and upgrading your weapons. As far as Challenge goes, the game definitaly reaks of it in spots, especially the final Boss. Not quite as Hard as Mega Man & Bass which is easily the most difficult MM game I've ever played, but Zero easily ranks as one of the toughest.

If I were to nit pick, I didn't like how if you failed a mission and you chose not to start from where you saved than 'that' mission would be history(depending). And I would of much prefered a Boss/stage selection screen in the same style as MM and MMX instead of selecting text from a pop up box....But then again, that would of made Zero feel even less different. As for the Cyber Elves, I had no use for them. since they're basically the easy way out. It's just an alternative to the Mega Man Shop, and imo those Shops/Cyber Elves hamper the experience since they make the game far less challenging, but some people aren't that great when it comes to MM and it definitly comes in handy so i can obviously see the appeal. Durp! So since it's optional, in no way do i see it as a negative, since it can be a big positive for some people who may find it useful. Also....The Bosses and Guardians(aside from Phantom)?...Ya, I can't remember any of them haha. Here's an evolution between Mega Man, MMX and MMZero.

Bubble Man > Bubble Lobster > Bubbaheliousa

Anyways, I adored MM Zero, But I'll wait til next month until I plow through MMZero 2. I don't wan't to go overkill on the franchise right away, need to space it out and mix things up a bit. Pikmin NPC here i come! Muhaha.

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Here's another update:

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon ~ Nintendo DS
Started playing: January 26th
Beaten on: February 8th
Rating: 8/10

I'm a huge Fire Emblem and I knew that when I started this that it wouldn't be as fantastic as the others, because it is a remake of the first game. Barely a story, lifeless characters, no dialogue between boss fights, no skills, no rescue etc. So yeah it was a pretty bland Fire Emblem, but for some reason I still played the heck out of. It seems that as long as the core gameplay is there, I will enjoy it. The tension that comes up when it seemed like one of your characters was about to die was still there and the satisfaction you get from successfully raising your characters in the arena was also there. Overall I think that this is a great game, but it's not a great Fire Emblem game. It's definitely the worst in the series, there's no question about it.

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias ~ WiiWare
Started playing: February 9th
Beaten on: February 10th
Completed on: February 11th
Rating: 9/10

I wasn't really keen on the first LostWinds game. I mean I thought it was good, but nothing special. Everyone was like, "wow you should totally check it out it's awesome!", but I wasn't that impressed really. This game is something else though. It just improved on so many things. The controls are way better this time, the new special abilities are lots of fun to use and they added a map! Thank god for that. Not that it was hard to find your way around in the original LostWinds, but it's much easier to locate the statues/idols now. The changing seasons was also a nice add and the final boss was so much better this time. I also cared for the story, which I didn't have in the first game. Hell, I can't even remember the story now that I think about it.

The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages ~ WiiWare
Started playing: February 11th
Beaten on: February 13th
Rating: 8/10

I seem to be the only one that bought this game, because there are no discussion topics to find anywhere on any forum. There are also barely any videos to find on YouTube and I honestly don't understand why. This is a great game! It's made by Square-Enix, but people are probably not buying it because you can't find Final Fantasy anywhere in the title. Or maybe people are put off, because the game is about throwings bears and picking up candy. Whatever the reason may be, it's disappointing. Anyway I had a blast with it. The game controls are really simple. You just have to swing your remote in the right direction and you will throw a bear in that spot. The bears will start walking towards an item if you throw them near one and pick it up, so you can use it. These items are mostly spells in the form of water, fire and ice. You need to use these spells at the right time, so you can eventually pick up the candy and move on to the next chapter. You will be rewarded with a silver, gold or platinum medal based on your performance. The puzzles are really challenging later on and you have to think wisely before making a decision. There's no time limit, so you can take your time. The graphics are bad, the music is not that good either and the story is lame, but the gameplay is awesome and that's all you need to make a great game IMO.

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Beat Mega Turrican for the Genesis a few days ago. The game was a little frustrating at first, but it's not as bad if you know where all the extra lives are (level 4 can still be a pain though). Like Axelay it was short but fun. Too bad they cut out a part of level one that was in the Amiga version to make it even shorter.

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MERG wrote:

Not completed...but I just beat Phantom Hourglass this morning (finally). I started this game over a year ago and stopped but started playing a couple weeks ago with a fresh start. I really enjoyed it!

Sounds like exactly what I did with Chrono Trigger on DS. I just finished it this morning and man, does it have an amazing ending! I can probably say that it has the best ending I have ever seen in a videogame! (Yes, even better than FF VI's. As for whether it beats FF IX's well, I'd say they're tied.)

Now I just gotta find the other 11 or so endings...

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My most recently beaten games are Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Ocarina of Time. Both so great.


My most recently completed game was Super Mario Galaxy 2, with all 242 Stars. It was the day before my birthday, as well. xD

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I completed Donkey Kong Country Returns a few days ago. After getting all of the "Kong" letters and orbs and such, I finally unlocked the Golden Temple. Quite a surprise, I should say!

I haven't gotten all of the puzzle pieces yet, but the games status says I have 100%, and that makes me feel accomplished and meaningful, so I'll settle for that.

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Pikmin NPC - Wii
Started Playing: Feb 18
Beaten on: Feb 23
Raiting: 9/10

I finally finished Pikmin NPC for the Wii last night.
Like I said before it was such a wonderful and unique experience, and the 'happy' ending was
'The Final Test' gave me some trouble....It took me forever to figure out that you had to guide your Red Pikmin through that narrow passage of bursting fire. I mean it was obvious that they had to go through it somehow, but guiding them while standing in a pond had me stumped for quite a while.

And the end Boss was definitly tricky....But the trickiest part as always is doing everything within the usual pesky Day to night time limit. But ya, this is a new franchise that I now adore and I can't wait....For uh...Pikmin NPC 2 to hit NA? Get on it Nintendo! And of course the release of Pikmin 3 this year.

And you know, I don't think I would of had nearly as much fun with the GCN version if I had to use analog controls for Captain Olimar's Curser, AND the fact that you can't go back and start from a previous day incase you needed to go back if you messed up. Anyways, Pikmin is definitly a true gem I missed out on, but thanks to the NPC version the experience has been made all the more greater thanks to the Wii remote and the new Day switching option. Oh and how could I forget, I loved the exotic-y atmospheric cute tunes, the way the pikmin sounded, not to mention the the graphics hold up pretty nicely. Pretty in parts, yet a bit bland in others with a few ugly textures 'up close' here and there, but it definitly gets the job the done, but there's alot more room for potential. Overall though, I had a blast from start to finish! And I finished the game with all 30 Ship pieces and got the Happy Ending. yay me lol
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Dementium II - DS
Started Playing: Feb 25
Beaten on: Feb 26
Rating: 7.5/10

Ahhh Dementium II. You know, I've gotta say....While DII practically improves on everything the first Dementium did regarding the kick weapon selection(breaking down doors with a hammer is an awesome addition, although it's only in the first half of the game), more locations, improved map, Boss battles are better(The child eating witch actually creeped me out!), less repetitive areas ect ect. But overall It manages to be less creepy and not quite as compelling as the first and instead it comes off a bit more confusing...Basically the stuff that's hapenning in your head has escaped into the real world, or has it?

Anyways, I think what I'm most angry about is that the game ends abruptly with an ending that's typical jump scare 'hollywood', so unsatifying and gives out zero answers. I mean after that giant worm, I expected to fight the doctor himself....But no, instead you walk up to a door...You then stare into a mirror, revieling the doctors reflection right before your eyes. The doctor then grabs you and drags you inside the mirror. 'The End' You'll likely be pissed off from the experience considering how hard you worked to make to the end just for that llack luster joke of an ending. The first Dementium on the other hand had a great ending, and was quite sad and a bit disturbing really.

Anyways, i found that the first Dementiums stylus controls for aiming your weapon and using your flashlight were more fluid, smoother and they felt absolutely perfect and precise. The first dementium blew me away the first time i started playing it. in DII however, Renegade Kid decided to bump up the sensitivity and speed a bit and it makes for a slightly less intuitive and more of a fidgity experience. Really though I really enjoyed the first half of Dementium II but the 2nd half just wasn't quite what I was hoping for. And again, the first was one was actually creepy....Maybe because the experience was fresh, the story was unfolding right before your eyes with the unforgettable and eerie score which sucked you in another dimension

Anyways, DII is still a solid game and in ways it's easily better than the original, but at times it feels inferior....And curse that dissapointing ending, what a joke! And as far as the scary factor goes, the flying shrieking heads are back! They were scarier the first time because they were the 'uknown' but they still retain their scaryness somewhat, especially when you here one started to cry and laugh.....Only it sound like some drunk yokal, and when you finally reach the area to where it's coming from, a flying decapitated heads flies straight towards you. eek!

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I really need to check out Pikmin sometime. I foolishly ignored it when the game first came out. I guess it looked boring to me or something. I think I may have been mistaken. If I get it I'd almost like to try and find the Gamecube version. I need it so I can finally get that Captain Olimar Trophy in Smash Bros Melee. I recently started playing it again and realized I'm missing Trophies. If I end up liking Pikmin then maybe I'll get the 2nd one too. Though I heard it's not as good.

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Link79 wrote:

I really need to check out Pikmin sometime. I foolishly ignored it when the game first came out. I guess it looked boring to me or something. I think I may have been mistaken. If I get it I'd almost like to try and find the Gamecube version. I need it so I can finally get that Captain Olimar Trophy in Smash Bros Melee. I recently started playing it again and realized I'm missing Trophies. If I end up liking Pikmin then maybe I'll get the 2nd one too. Though I heard it's not as good.

I too ignored it back in the day based on trailers and screen shots thinking that it wasn't going to be my cup of tea, boy was I wrong. There's nothing else like it. Honestly though If I were you I'd get the Wii version....Not only because of the superior and fantastic Pointer controls, but because if you mess up by slacking off or not getting a required ship piece during one of the Pikmin days 'and' you save by accident or by just not carying, you then have the option of going back to whichever day you want to re-do it incase again if you messed up. The GCN doesn't give you this option, and I couldn't imagine using an analog stick to control the curser, but hey that's just me.

Again though, I wish to god Nintendo would release Pikmin 2 NPC for the Wii in NA. As soon as they reveal Pikmin 3 they might actually get around to releasing Pikmin 2 NPC to fill in the gap. Here's hoping! Because based on reviews and what most people are saying it's MUCH better than the original. Hell, colecting soda cans, tomatoes and other random object souvanirs seems more fun than collecting Ship pieces. Plus the graphics look amped up a bit regarding the environments, you can play as a 2nd character and there's the addition of the Purple fat pikmin and poisiness white pikmin among other things.

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I just beat Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on Proud Mode. They were so hard that, if it didn't say so on the box, I never would have thought Disney had made it.


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