Topic: Your Least Favorite Type of Forum Thread?

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What kind of forum threads do you dislike the most?

As for me:
Believe it or not, there's a Type of forum thread that I hate more than forum games: Image posting threads. I mean, image boards exist for a reason. Why not go to those if all you're interested in is posting pictures? (Not to mention Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Most of the images come from those, anyways (as well as most for main posters), so why bother making a thread like that? They never lead to any kind of conversation, they push back otherwise decent threads, and it's usually just the same few posters over and over again, usually spamming stuff they saw on Facebook/Twitter/Image boards, and they're difficult to moderate and keep clean. A lot of pictures get reposted after a while, too. At the very least, most forums have stickies, so those posters who have nothing to contribute outside of image memes won't bury better threads.

And before anyone says that "Image boards suck", there are more image boards than just 4Chan, and while I've yet to see an image board whose community could be described as "pleasant", I have encountered quite a few that are at least "tolerable." I think you can only expect so much from these kinds of people.

Well, I'm done ranting. Now it's your turn.

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Probably multiple threads dealing with basically the same topic.

For example: Having a topic for each Metal Gear Solid game (1-4) instead of one for the entire franchise is unnecessary.

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

Probably multiple threads dealing with basically the same topic.

For example: Having a topic for each Metal Gear Solid game (1-4) instead of one for the entire franchise is unnecessary.

Also,we have a thread for a game (or topic), and everything about that game.
You don't need multiple threads for different topics about the same game. Just talk about it in the same thread! It makes no sense to me.

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The thread that announces your favorite NL user.
There are many others, but that was off the top of my head.

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The threads which ask for help with a certain game or tech problem. The Internet is massive, your answers have most likely been asked and answered hundreds of times in GameFaqs or the countless tech-help websites.

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Threads about Earthbound. There are to many of them and they have gone way beyond talking about the game itself.

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Mostly spam threads but also any thread where role playing is taking place and being taken way too seriously, kinda creepy.



The different Nintendo direct threads.



Any useless, spamming thread full of stupidity that remains around because some people think its funny. Yea...we've had a few of those.

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Nintendo Doom threads

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Any thread where people post too many pictures and/or videos. My 3DS either will fail to load the images, or even worse, fail to load the page itself, forcing me to abandon certain threads I might have otherwise enjoyed.


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1-word story threads. Nobody's ever going to read the finished story D:

And, of course, hate threads, where one person just posts a long rant about what's bad about something and challenges everyone else to prove the OP wrong.

I don't particularly like role-play, since I find it weird, but I don't mind it if people are having fun. If it starts getting too serious though, the entire thread just becomes dark and creepy, and that's why I tend to avoid any role-play thread in case it's already descended into crazyland.

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Mostly the "I want attention" kind of thread.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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every post that confuses forums for chatrooms ever

which I think covers half of the things mentioned by other people

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HawkeyeWii wrote:

The thread that announces your favorite NL user.

This. It's nice if it works correctly, but it oftens ends up with people whining that no one "loves" them (myself included).
Also, game threads. Not threads about video games, but threads that try to make a game of something..

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HawkeyeWii wrote:

The thread that announces your favorite NL user.

You and me against the world hawkeye
I probaubly would have to agree with the all the above comments.

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Doom and gloom threads, though I don't click on them. And threads where people get mean.

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