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Guild Wars 2 right after launch. Borderlands 2 earlier this week.

Love the mess outta both of 'em.



borderlands 2 i will get black ops 2 later probaly on wii u >:3

sonic fan for ever and i love sega best system ever the genesis
best game ever SONIC CD!!!!
playing:anything i feel like right now >:3
i was MR-SEGA


after talking about how mario lost creativity i bought NSMB2 now i regret everything i said ITS SO FUN :3



Hmm, I've bought:

Hero's Saga: Laevatein Tactics art book
Kirby's Adventure Wii
Project Zero 2: Wii Edition
Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
Humble Indie Bundle 6 (has several great games included, well worth the $15 I put towards it!)

I've still got a few more games in my sights, hopefully I'll grab them after the next pay day.

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


Super Princess Peach, and grabbed WarioWare: Touched! For only $10 today in extremely good condition (surprising, it's been sitting on a Gamestop shelf for who knows how long!)

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


God of War Saga.

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Mine was Final Fantasy Theatrythm. Now I'm saving up for a WiiU.


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I'm saving up for an yeah, backloggery here i come!

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kingdom Hearts DDD

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Just bought Rhythm Heaven on amazon.

Just waiting for it to get here, so I can relive 2009 when I got it the first time.

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Pokemon Black Version 2 and Cave Story.

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