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BudrSbastig wrote:

just got resident evil revelations, loving it but finding the control with out ccp tricky

I was concerned about playing Resident Evil Revelaitons without CCP too, but I gotta say I'm loving the third person view and gyro sensor aiming setup. Not only does it work marvelously, but it's more fun than dual analog controls have ever been in a Resident Evil game. I can't say it controls as well as Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, but on a portable console it's pretty handy. my pants.


Kinioka wrote:

Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

Good choice!!!!

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I guess this isn't really a purchase, but i preordered New Super Mario Bros. 2.

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Mickeymac wrote:

Sonic Colors (Wii version) Yay!

So good and probably my favorite game soundtrack.


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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.

Also pledged for the limited edition of Diamond Trust on Kickstarter. More people should do it!

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Poke-Park 2 Wonders Beyond.

Back to The Future the Video Game (Wii)

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Minecraft for the Xbox. It's my first foray into the whole Minecraft craze. I was up til 2:30am playing multiplayer with a coworker on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I played pretty much the whole day with my kids.

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Tetris DS.

Also, I was lucky enough for my birthday to get Children of Mana, Picross 3D and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin!

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Not sure if this really counts, but i just ordered a Blaze Sega Megadrive Ultimate from amazon.



Mother 3!!!!!!!!!!

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... aaand with an Amazon gift card I got for my birthday I bought Ontamarama, Bangai O Spirits, Drone Tactics and N+

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speaking of amazon, i was just able to buy mega man xtreme 2 today. Dont know how good it is, but I've been looking for a good Mega Man fix, and having bosses from both of the Xtreme games seems like a good way to pass the time.

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I bought minecraft Xbox 360 edition the 1st hour it came out in the us

. Heads up my name online on the 3DS and Xbox Live is Bubbab5 to let you guys know. My 3DS FC 5412 9927 8618


I bought all these games today (Tuesday) Battleship for the 3DS, and these others are all from the PSN Sonic 4 Episode II, Rock of Ages (free with PS+) and Myst (PS One Classic) the only game out of the 4 I played so far is Sonic and I'm liking it so far.

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My World, My Way and Sands of Destruction (got both cheap in eBay auctions)

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