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Wild Arms was awesome! It's one of the only traditional RPG's that I actually enjoyed.

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Well I finally broke down and bought a PS3. Of course the fact that Twisted Metal comes out next month didn't have anything to do with me finally picking up one.

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I bought Pikmin and The World Ends With You about a week ago.
I beat TWEWY already but I'm trying to get it 100%. Best purchase for years. Awesome story, nice battle system and lot of stuff to do.
I played Pikmin (NPC) few days then I thought about going through TWEWY first so I can concentrate on Pikmin. Now I'm going to start playing it again today. I'm about half way through and it has also been very good game. Have to get Pikmin 2 sometime.


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Dragon Age 2 (PlayStation Network, PS3)
Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation Network, PS3)
Balloon Kid (3DS eShop) (I played a couple levels and deleted it out of boredom)
Lock & Chase (3DS eShop)
Pokedex 3D (3DS eShop)
PlayStation Move motion controller (Amazon)
PlayStation Move navigation controller (Amazon)
Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack (iTunes)

Next up:
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

And that's it. I have more than enough games to last for a long while. I don't play games that much anymore, and I have a bunch of Wii / Virtual Console, PS3, and DS games that I never finished.

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WipEout 2048 for Vita.

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Red Dead Redemption,Infamous and Uncharted 1 and 2.

I'm giddy.

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Jak and Daxter Collection for the PS3.

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Batman Arkham Asylum for 360 (I feel like a trader...way bigger Nintendo is pretty new to me).
Great game. Last one I bought. Unless you count me downloading Sonic and Knuckles on my 360 since it was like 3 bucks.

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I just pre-ordered Mass Effect 3

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Professor Layton and the Last Specter

GundamMac wrote:

Suikoden V

Oh, I loved that game. Have you had a chance to play it yet?

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i pre-ordered tales of the abyss 3ds um kid icurus tekken 3ds bioshock infinite i bought soul caliber 5 FF XIII-2 jak & daxter collection resident evil revaletion



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