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Yep still $29.99 new. They aren't running out of copies either.



I just got TLOZ: Majora's Mask

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Mega Man X for VC. Gonna get Chrono Trigger on Monday as well.

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Perfect Dark for XBLA and right before that Mega Man X on VC.


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FF IV Complete Collection, Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2 (on the same day). God bless Steam--2 massive single-player FPS/RPGs for less, combined, than an already crazy-affordable 60 hours of old-school RPGness.


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Dream Trigger 3D. It's a pretty good game, though the controls take some getting used to.

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LosAngeloTip wrote:

FF IV Complete Collection, Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2 (on the same day). God bless Steam--2 massive single-player FPS/RPGs for less, combined, than an already crazy-affordable 60 hours of old-school RPGness.

Yeah I totally missed the deal on Mass Effect 1 & 2, damn.. $5 for the first Mass Effect? That's a steal.


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Pre-ordered Ocarina of Time 3D, and still have $20 for eShop. Nintendo has decreed June the Month of Awesomeness.


Just got Sin & Punishment 2 for £10, which is a steal considering that most places in the UK don't seem to stock it. I can honestly say that this game is full of awesomeness. It's a Japanese bullet-hell on-rails arcade shooter, developed by Treasure and running at 60 frames per second; so that makes it my dream game.

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I had 400 Wii Points left over from a previous purchase, and when I heard Chrono Trigger was coming to the VC Monday I figured now would be a good time to buy some points. So I bought 2000 more points last night, giving me a total of 2400. I had already promised my wife I was gonna get Super Mario World next time I got Wii points (I've held off on buying it as I still have the cartridge, but decided to buy it off the VC for convenience), so that left me with 1600. Then I bought Gate of Thunder, which is a game I've been meaning to buy since it was first released on VC. So now I have 800 left, just enough for Chrono Trigger. BUT... after doing some thinking, I've already beaten Chrono Trigger before and still have it for PS1, so maybe I should give another game a chance. So I was debating between Black Tiger and Uncharted Waters: New Horizons, and Black Tiger won out.
Long story short, I just downloaded Super Mario World, Gate of Thunder, and Black Tiger



Last purchases were the following:
Ys 1+2 Chronicles for the PSP
Batman Arkham Asylum PS3
A Used (But almost like new) SNES Controller for my Super Nintendo. (My first one finally crapped out on me and buttons stopped responding after I opened it and tried it again after cleaning.)

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I randomly spent my last Wii points on Mario Party 2 a few nights ago. Should probably check it out.

And my PSP kept screaming that it needed some more games, so I bought Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I tried out both of them last night, and they seem awesome! Gonna stick with Birth by Sleep for now, since that was the main reason I wanted a PSP in the first place.

Edit: I also just ordered Super Princess Peach, since it was cheap and it's kind of hard to find.

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Bought Professor Layton and the Curious Village from online store, waited 6 days and finally got it today but I noticed that it was used. I sent an e-mail to the store and they said that there was a mistake. I can send my game back and get a new one. Only downside is that now I have to wait again


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