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picked up Nioh yester... but P5 eat my heart up for now. can't wait to get into Nioh.



The Pinball Arcade: Underground (Android) - A special version of TPA that's only available on Amazon's app store (Amazon Underground).

Unlike the regular version it only has the season 1 tables, however the full versions are all free here, which is why I got it. It's part of a larger program where Amazon offers premium apps for free (they take on the cost themselves) in an attempt to draw in users.


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I ordered The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Amazon last month. I like to buy games online to save my time. But it's better to make purchases only at reliable websites and check carefully the address you entered. Once I wrote the wrong postal code and I had problems with the delivery service. So now I check my postal code twice here before making any purchases online. Want to order
Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (Wii U) this week.

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while randomly strolling along with my girlfriend today we discovered a store for used media and they actually had a few Xbox games. yes original Xbox games! funny thing is i was about to order a few more on ebay but i found 2 games that i needed to get anyway so i bought them in that store.

Halo 2
-already played the hell out of it back when the xbox was current gen. such an amazing game. still holds up today!
Chronicles of Riddick - Escape from Butcher Bay
-i always wanted to get this game but i just never came around.

Steam: ACAB or 6ch6ris6
waiting for a pricedrop on switch


Last Sunday, 25 June 2017.



Cave Story + for Switch, never played it before.



Bought both Disagea 5 Complete and Lego City Undercover for Switch the other day



Valkyria Revolution...although reviews are making me nervous. I'll hang on to it though because I have found a few gems from poor reviews.

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Cave Story+, arriving today at my place, can't wait to finally try this game out!

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Picked up MLB The Show 17 on the PS4. At the price it is now on the PSN store I figured now is as good as ever. Retro mode is alot of fun too. It really captures the feel of Ken Griffey Jr. on the SNES.

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I was kindly gifted these two ...



... because only yesterday, it was my:




@Peek-a-boo Haha you only got mini presents, those gifts are definitely awesome though! Love that lego mini cooper.

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