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just today bought my New Sora KingdomHearts 2 Plush he should be here pretty soon by the end of next week i should have him would anyone like a pic of it as well?

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It's okay, Odnetnin. I've bought a few strategy guides just for the sake of having them. I used to do it all the time for the original Mario games (GOD I wish I still had those. It's a sore subject...) then again for Majora's Mask, as soon as I realized it was the MOST AWESOME GAME EVER MADE.

Recently I bought the Fallout 3 guide. Not because I need it to make it through the game (as long as you "survive" you're fine, since there's so many things to do and avoid in that game that you can't actually make a WRONG decision) but because it's an expertly-constructed world, and I kind of like having something physical I can flip through and enjoy in that way.

I still have the pack-in materials for the old Sierra adventure games, mainly the Space Quest series, for the same reason. It's just one other way to spend time in a world you enjoy so much. I might even pick up the MPT guide, even though I've beaten two of the games and probably don't need it for the other.




@Odnetnin - I was just playing m8. Don't go spoiling game by reading how to beat the levels though. The experimentation is the magic of Scibblenauts.

Out of curiousity, does it tell how to beat the teleporter/time machine stages? I just want to know if it's possible since they give you a par. No spoilers please.

@Chicken Brutus - I'm sorry to hear about your (sore subject) loss.

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I just bought Resident Evil 0 today for the Gamecube. I've played it before, and loved it, but I just now bought it. It will probably be a while before I get to playing it, though.

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@grenworthshero nice, RE0 is a great game no matter what the haters say.

Placed an order yesterday on these:

I have played and finished 'RE4' many times before, but that was when I borrowed it, same with 'Umbrella Chronicles'. About time they found their way into my RE collection. 'Madworld' and 'No More Heroes' is totally new for me though and I hope I'll like 'em. They should arrive on Thursday or Friday next week.

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@GabeGreens: Pipe Down ye stinkin' swab, how dare ye suggest such nonsense, yar could ne afford such a fine vessel. I aint from the scupper class ya knows.

As for what i be buyin wit me plunder this morn, no respectable seadog anchors away with out t' finest of silver paper for me smokin' pleasure aye.
And a gallon o' cowjuice for me crunchy sluts, yar!



Ocarina of Time from the Virtual Console on Wii. Or to be exact: A 2000 Points card which I used to buy Ocarina of Time

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


Super Mario 64 DS



Burnout Paradise. For DS MArio and Luigi and Scribble naughts

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New 360 controller, a rechargeable battery pack for it and Sega Superstars Tennis on the 360


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Scribblenauts =]

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Xbox live gold (found it for £29 Try and charge me £40 will ya Microsoft? Haha!)

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Mario & Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story



And I'm about to buy The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition through Steam soon


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(BTW Terranigma, I wouldn't put your email in your signature like that - chances are bots will pick it up and send you spam)



Nanaki wrote:

(BTW Terranigma, I wouldn't put your email in your signature like that - chances are bots will pick it up and send you spam)

That's not my main email address and I have Yahoo spamguard on so it's not too big a problem (I have about 3, all for different purposes), but yeah, probably a good idea to change the sig

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Some massive screws to repair my gate.Man they were big. Oh yeah and some more green Untitled
BTW whats the diddly with this thread do I need to keep telling you what I buy or is it just games and stuff?

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