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Rayman Legends for sure

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


September: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Zelda is always great fun, so yea. (also, the only other game I played that month was Picross e)


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Missed out at the start. so I will do a list.

August: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
September: Duck Tales Remastered
Early October: Rage of the Gladiator

Wonder what it will actually be at the end of this month.

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August: Pikmin3 no doubt
Sept: Rayman Legends
Oct: WW HD YEs technically it was released in sept but the physical form was October. and yes it is a remake but a darn good one!

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September I got 2 games both for the Xbox 360, Diablo III and GTA V.

My game of the month for September is Diablo III which probably comes as a surprise.

As much as I am enjoying GTA V (especially with Online) and I have to say it meets my expectations its just that Diablo III just surprised me alot more.

I did play the PC version of Diablo III and I was one of the many that was disappointed in it. I bought the Xbox version knowing that the control would be more up my alley then the PC (For these type of games I have always preferred controllers over keyboard and mouse). However I was not prepared on how much of a difference that would make it. I am really enjoying the game and it is everything that I hoped the PC version was. Now don't get me wrong GTA V was great too its just in the end I can see me going back to Diablo III especially with its difficulty levels and different character classes where as more than like I will eventually get bored of GTA V. Even though right now GTA V is getting more play time than Diablo III but that is probably because of the hype behind it.

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The Wonderful 101 would have to be my game of the month for September, and I'm betting either Bats or Poogeymanz will take it this month.

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The Wonderful 101 wins September, and Etrian Odyssey Untold will probably be my favorite game this month.

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Most of my anticipated titles this month aren't quite out yet, so I can't call October (though at time of writing, it would be Disgaea D2).

August: Tales of Xillia
September: Wind Waker HD

Mostly likely my October Game of the Month: Pokemon Y

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Rayman Legends was mine for September. Finished it with all Teensies (well, the 615 on Vita at the moment) in less than a week. The Murphy level AI can just be awful at times, but apart from that it was on of my favourite platformers ever.

October? It'll be Pokemon X of course!

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge
After seeing the Half Genie Hero Kickstarter page, I decided to go back to Risky's Revenge, despite me not liking it, and is the prime example of why I think Wayforward is overrated. I was completely wrong about the game. It's alot more amazing than I gave the game credit for. It doesn't revolutionize the platforming genre, but it does show a fine example of how it should be done. I beat the game, and I plan to beat it once more on another day

Previous Game of the Month: Disney Infinity

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August: Disney Infinity or Rayman
September: Splinter Cell
October: Wind Waker HD

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January - Kirby's Epic Yarn
February - BIT.TRIP Presents... RUNNER 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
March - LEGO City Undercover
April - Super Mario World
May - Super Mario Bros. 2
June - Animal Crossing: New Leaf
July - EarthBound
August - Pikmin 3
September - The Wonderful 101
October - Pokemon X

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My game of the month for Spetember would probably be New Super Luigi U. I'm enjoying that game way more than I ever thought I would. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is a close second though.

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Game of October would have to be...........Sonic Lost World.I love sonic games even if this game is hindered by its weird controls.Even though Pokemon X is the better game,I had more fun with Sonic.


September - Mega Man (Tried the series for the first time)
October - Mighty Switch Force 2 (loved the first, and this one is pretty fun too)

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Pokemon X/Y
The game fails in some areas compared to B/W however everything else flourishes at the least. And while it's basically the same experience, its those twists and additions to remind us that Pokemon is the greatest social experiment in gaming history.
Previous Game of the Months:
September: Shantae: Risky's Revenge
August: Disney Infinity

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Grand Theft Auto V. I havn't enjoyed a GTA game properly since III came out. I pretty much did all there was do to on it and I've nearly got 100% on the checklist, the online is really fun too so it's a game I'm sure I'll keep coming back to.

Wind Waker HD. This has probably turned out to be the best Zelda I've ever played, I love the visual style, I think it has the best look out of all the franchise. The only thing that got a bit tedious was the sailing, but the swift sail helped put that one negative at ease.

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Batman: Arkham Origins.
It might be more of the same in a bigger package, but after playing Arkham City to death on every difficulty,
Origins felt so fresh.



Pokemon Y

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