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At the end of the every month(or whenever you see fit),you can say what your favorite game was that you got for the month.

Mine was Mighty Switch Force 2,the same as the first(in a way),but better music!


Shining Force
The second I thought was better in pretty much every way, but the first one was still an amazing SRPG for the Genesis.

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Bionic Commando (3DS GB VC)

I've actually had this on my system for a long time, and beat it when it first released, but since I haven't had any money for games this month, I decided I'll play through it again (this time without using restore points).

It really is a great game. It has a unique & fun spin on platforming (some segments which are quite challenging), very great production values for a GB game (most areas feel very unique, and have an almost insane amount of detail for a GB game), a constant sense of story progression with a surprising amount of dialog to set things up (again, insane for a GB action game), and numerous upgrades and new items to collect during your journey. Playing this, it's no wonder Capcom was so lauded during the 8 & 16 bit days.

Now if I could only get through that pesky Albatross...


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Has to go to Steamworld Dig! Great game for me this month. I wonder what September will be? Rayman Legends? W101? Mystery eshop title?...



Pikmin 2, have it a week, played it for 13 hours already

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Code of Princess following the sale.



Disney Infinity
This is going to entertain me for awhile. I wish I had any more money to buy the figures. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy the playsets that give enough content for me to know I put my money in a good place. Never mind the Toy Box, but thats great as well. Finally, my brother and I can truly enjoy a game together.

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Pikmin 3. Dream team is really good also, but I haven't beaten that. And September is going to he rayman legends for me, calling it right now.

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The game I played most would be Duck Tales Remastered for August.

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.



Pikmin 3! Juice smiles!



I guess SMT 4

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bezerker99 wrote:

August gave me two great platforming games to add!!
playing Animal Crossing 50 hours a day.

50 hours a day? dang that's like 2 days in 1.

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August - Pikmin 3

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I'll say metaphorically that all my games are the game of the month(My 3DS was broken at the start of july and fixed this month so I've "got my games back" this month)
but oficially(following the rules) I'll say it is steamworld dig(tied with attack of the friday monsters! )

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