Topic: Your first and/or favorite Mario game.

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First: NES (with MegaMan 3, shaping me into the MegaMan obsessed Fanboy i am today )
Favorite: SNES / GBA (16bit Gems), followed as a close second place by the DS / 3DS
Least favorite: N64, not because of the games, because of all the problems the console brings with it in the long run. The controller has a shorter life span than fresh milk in summer, the controllerpacks are way to tiny (save space, not physically) and its hard to hook it up to a modern TV (getting a good picture requires pretty expansive hardware)

Also, i didnt consider the WiiU yet, ill wait for the big games to hit the market and decide then As of now, its pretty close at the top.

But to be honest, rating Nintendo consoles / handhelds is pretty tough since i find them to be all very excellent on their own.


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My cousin's hand me down GBC, but the first one I owned from the start was GBA. My first home console was PS2.

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First console: PS1!

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First: Game Boy
Favourite: N64



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My first probably was the GameCube and I really liked it. The GameCube itself maybe my favorite due to all the great games it has.



First: PlayStation One (Due to a biased salesmen, my parents bought it for me instead of the N64)
Favorite: Wii U/Gamecube (Can't decide!)

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My favorite belongs to the 3DS.

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I think we had an SNES before I was born. We got a PS2 when I was crazy young soon after too. I guess I probably played the SNES first, but I grew up on PS2.

My favorite console would definetely be the PS3.

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First:Game Boy Color
Favorite:Wii U

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First Played: NES
First Given: SNES
First Bought: GameCube
Favorite(s): SNES/PS2/GBA/DS/3DS

Yeah, I know that last one was a bit of a cop out, lol.


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Gameboy Color!

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First: GBA
Favorite: Gamecube

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1st was the good Gameboy Advance SP
but my fave is the 3DS

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First: PS2
Favorite: Wii U
Thanks @Kylo, I'll do that.

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First: NES
Favorite: N64

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Wait, you edited the title @FransivonBacon? I looked at this thinking it was a new topic, but I realized it was what used to be Your first. How did you the edit the title?



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