Topic: Your first and/or favorite Mario game.

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First: Super Mario 64 DS

Favourite: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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First: Super Mario Land 2

Favorite: Super Mario 64 DS

Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


First: Super Mario Sunshine

Favorite: Super Mario Galaxy 1



First: Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga
Favorite: Super Mario 3D Land (Dream Team excluded)

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First: Super Mario World
Favorite: Super Mario World

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First: Super Mario Bros.

Favorite: Tie between Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario World
(Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga if non-core entries were allowed)

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First:I don't remember but I know I played one of the original NES Mario games
Favorite:Super Mario 64

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First: Super Mario Bros.
Favorite: Super Mario Bros. 3

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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Mario 64

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First: Super Mario Land

Favourite: Super Mario 3D Land. I haven't played many Mario games :/

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First: Super Mario 64.
Favorite: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (favorite game of all time, right there!)

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