Topic: Your first and/or favorite Mario game.

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It's a forum game, each day I give you a topic and you tell me what was your first. You an also include your favorites.
Day 1

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Full Metal Alchemist

Favorite: Space Brothers

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Dragon Ball Z, only Toonami.

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First: Pokemon or Digimon i cant remember but i have a feeling it was PKMN

Three way tie between FMAB/Digimon/and Cowboy Bebop

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Dragon Ball Z.

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It was definitely something from the old Toonami line-up, but I can't remember whether it was Voltron, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z or Robotech.

My favorite is Cowboy Bebop.

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A mix mash of Keroppi, hello Kitty & Samurai Pizza Cats.
But ultimately i didn't stick around too long for any of them....

Sailor Moon I'd say was my REAL first, when it premiered on YTV which was one of the first big Dubbed anime's to hit the scene in the early-ish 90's!
Dragon Balll Z(funimation dub) came afterwards which is one of my favorite cartoons of all time....It was an enormous inspiration to me, along with bruce faulconers amazing other worldy synthasized score!



I think mine was something of Pokemon, but I am no longer interested in any Pokemon TV show. EDIT: My favorite anime is probably Baukugan Mechtanium Surge. It was quite entertaining.

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Pokemon for sure. I haven't watched anime since I was like 10, but I CLEARLY remember watching the crap out of Pokemon since I was like 3 or 4. I STILL have the theme song memorized.



Pokemon. I remember coming home from school one day, and a new show called 'Pokemon' was on, and I decided to watch it. My life then changed forever.

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cowboy bebop & trigun. the 2 greatest.

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Cowboy Bebop.

Favorite: Death Note.

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Either it's Speed Racer or Sailor Moon....

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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@metalicdonkey: your are right! i had forgotten death note. it is brilliant.

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