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strangle hold, hate those blasphemous things

fav pro wrestler?



Goldust (Dustin)

Favourite digimon?

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Digimon lol

Favorite Club Nintendo reward?

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nintendo points, that's all I trade for

fav DS game?



Kinioka wrote:

(zelda) Great Fairy's Fountain - Moka (Talking about that, i think fonistofcruxis will like it)

I just listened to it and it was a nice, calming and well composed remix, thanks for the recommendation. Did you think of me when you put that because of the VGM series I'm currently doing in my sig?

Reflect missile

Favourite E3?

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Its between E3 2004 (Twilight Princess) and E3 2006 (Wii, Super Mario Galaxy)

Favorite E3 moment?

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The Twilight Princess reveal; I nearly pooped myself in excitement. Pretty much the entirety of Sony's 2006 press conference runs a very close second though, for pure hilarity alone.

Favorite E3 trailer?

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Dat Twilight Princess trailer,twas epic.

Favourite E3?

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This was already asked...
but I'll just say another good one was 2008, just because of "My body is ready"

Favorite E3 moment?
LOL Kidding, favorite Zelda moment?

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pulling the master sword from the temple of time.

Favorite E3 conference


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Throwing the boomerang into the Waterfall of Wishing to get the Magic Boomerang. I thought that was so cool when I was a kid.

Your favorite pop-culture reference in a game?

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Mega Man 2 in Retro City Rampage....Oh wait, has that game even been released yet? Seems like that 1 'only' developer is taking centuries to unleash his fine tuned retro baby to the world. I hope it does well considering he dumped all of his savings and much of his hard earned time into it.

Favorite Dream kill in A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-6? ( The answer can only be Tina )

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Everything in EarthBound, so many Beatles references.

Favorite PSN / XBL game?

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@Fonistofcruxis- I only saw two songs on your sig yet, but both of them were really calm, so i thought that maybe you could enjoy that remix. I'm glad you liked it.
Also, Okami's soundtrack - reset, Shenmue- Rain, and Muramasa-Womanizing, but you probably know those songs already.

Risk factions/ Mushroom Wars

Favourite female character in Vgames?

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@I've heard Reset but not the other two.
Either Sheena from ToS or Tear from TotA.

Favourite non-final boss fight?


metal sonic in sonic CD

fav animated movie?



Raising Hope.
Favourite E3?
Oh. It's already been asked a zillion times. Woop.

Favourite Dreamcast Game?

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Skies of Arcadia.

Favourite game creature/monster?



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