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@Stuffgamer1: Oh, I know. I know there are a whole bunch of people who like me well enough; I was just suprised to see my name pop up in this Favorite Users thread. I didn't think I was that special.

And just so you know, if I had been able to pick more than one, I would have listed you too.

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My least favorite is Stuffgamer1

I think you're all pretty awesome. Except stuffgamer, as previously stated :3

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I don't like any of you.
But I like the person in that mirror over there... he looks kinda like me.

Oh wait.

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I noticed that I haven't made anyone's list of favorites yet. Am I doing something wrong or do I just not stand out on here? I'm just curious.



I would have picked you if you had rescued me, Wolf Ram Heart.

The people I enjoy talking to here ought to know who they are, so I see no need to name anyone as top dog, but rest assured you'd be on the list.

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If I was to disclose my 'like list', WolfRamHeart would easily be up there.



Ricardo91 wrote:

Capt. Jack Sparrow.

He's my least favorite now. Look, he attacked my petition, even thought most everyone else didn't support it, only he willfully attacked it. To this day, I have envy on him and thank *** he's banned.


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If anyone has picked me, I'll be shocked! I am tempted to look back but know there's no point, I've said a few too many things to a few too many people. If I was dish, I'd be served with a pinch of salt.



Besides my obvious friends on Nintendo Life, no one likes me

Being a human being and stating opinions and what not I rarely disagree with you. No hard feelings but other than my friends on this site your my favorite
You and Corbie.

Just for you.
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Thank you Adam and Machu! You guys rock! There are quite a few people that I enjoy talking to on here and it is tough to name favorites. I'm just trying to make as many friends as possible on here. I think that you are cool too Odnetnin! You have a very unique user name and I love the Scribblenauts avatar!
EDIT: Adam, I still feel bad about not being able to rescue you.
Machu, I actually listed you earlier as one of my favorites.

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The real question: how many of us read through this entire thread just to see if our name came up?

Also, everyone here is pretty great; it's the only online forum of its kind I can read without instantly wishing to become an apostate of all things gaming.

Twitter is a good place to throw your nonsense.
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Does anybody think I am their favorite user?



Oh man this is high school all over again...

My favorite users are mods like Corbie, I like to imagine what he'd say is Daz wasent keeping him on a leash

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Thanks for that SuperSonic1990! You were already on my list of favorites!



@WolfRamHeart..... Yeah if I did make a list too I would have you on it but Im not doin that cause there are a LOT of people on here I like to see posting on here wich Is why I keep on coming back to this site.
@PheonixSage...... so your a really tall girl that plays games how could anyone here not like that. And Golden Sun does rock big time... cant wait on the next one.
@Adam.... Dude your crazy that why we like you

I also like our NL dictator KimJong he has had me rolling laughing with his so perfectly placed sarcasm and Sean Aaron for basically not being a Nintendo Big Time fan but is a mod I just always think thats funny. I could go on and on but I want I pretty much like most every one here...... oh

@Cheezy.... dude everytime I see your screen name and avatar It seriously make me laugh and for some reason evertime you post its just always seems to be really cheezy.

I really need to try to not let my frustration with Nintendo show so much cause I didnt make anyones else list either LOL

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