Topic: Your favorite Nintendo Life user?

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I had to remake my list..

Here we go..


3DS FC: 0774-5098-1425
Pokemon Sun IGN: Joe
My Shinies
(User name changed in November 2016, MegaBeedrill)

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Hey, it took me a while to notice that you've lsited me down, but thanks a lot! I'm a bit more cinfident every time someone mentions me. Thanks.

former usernames: sushifreAk, Cyb3Rnite, Justice, AnActualDash, cherrysunburst
currently playing: splatoon 2.

i like girls.

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Stomatopod17 wrote:

I had to remake my list..

Here we go..


Took the words right of my mouth.

I'm not lazy! ...I'm just very forgetful. :|

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Don't worry everyone,you're all in my list.

I've died,there is no more me.

Finished reading God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand. Started on Grappler Baki.

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