Topic: Your favorite Nintendo Life user?

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I want have a fan

Hey, I got the New 3DS! And it's the small one!
I'm also a pro at Smash Bros. (Well, the 3DS version anyway.)

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OptometristLime wrote:


A few users who help to make Nintendo Life a better place!

Oh and if you're not on my list I just haven't gotten to know you; which is probably my fault.
Keep posting so we can fix that.

<3 you made my day

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@OdnetninAges so I looked back in my post and noticed, it was you that I forgot!(I knew there was someone I forgot) seriously.
and thanks @OptometristLime you're really cool too!

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Gioku wrote:

Nathan_Wv10 wrote:

One day I will be someones favourite

Allow me to be the first, then!

I suppose being second isn't that bad...

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Having a favorite Nintendo Life user is pretty close to having a favorite politician considering half of the content on forums is people debating.

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Kawaii_Neko wrote:

I want have a fan

Change your avatar to a kawaii catgirl then you have a fan

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Not many people come to mind... but I'd have to pick @DestinyMan
D-Man always posts Super Smash Bros updates/pics nearly on-time, and he types pretty intelligently. At least in my opinion.
Plus, I had him a 3DS friend, but I'm pretty sure he deleted me... Maybe I'll send him a FR for Wii U...

Another person is @Dark-Luigi
I find tend to find myself surprised at how often I see him in forums. It never cease to amaze me on how often I see him post something (almost) right after I've posted something. Overall, he's a really nice guy Plus, I recently accepted his Wii U FR.

(I was planning on sending Friend Requests to both of them).

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Sending hugs to my faves
Though I love mostly everyone here.


Hopefully I didn't forget anyone. Oh well it's not like I'm here as much as I used to be anyways.

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@Emaan True dat. i dont even remember the last time i saw you on a forums. dont worry. you take a break from NL, it it slowly sucks you back in.

I actually am a Shiba

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Hey, I got the New 3DS! And it's the small one!
I'm also a pro at Smash Bros. (Well, the 3DS version anyway.)

Nintendo Network ID: MarioOtaku350


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