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theblackdragon wrote:

Unca_Lz wrote:

What will it take Whose car do I have to poop on to be hated around here? >:[

fixed that for you :3

You're too kind. You just like gloating about your popularity around me!

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Hey, this thread's back!

In addition to my old list (which I can't really be bothered to find again) I'll just make some new additions.

and probably more people I forgot

EDIT: @CaptainSquid

I really need to go somewhere not-the-Anime-thread lol

You guys have been good company

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Everyone! Except the spam bots. I hate the spam bots.

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The-Wind-Pikpik wrote:

Everyone! Except the spam bots. I hate the spam bots.

How rude! Spambots are people too!


The only people I don't like are those who spread misinformation. Other than that, love you all!

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I love these ones as of now....


I know its less but as of now, this is all I know off.

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Someone mentioned me? I feelz special. o.o

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Maybe I'm dreaming?...o.o

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It is an depend on the day and thread. I have an couple of favourites. Some of my favourites are lame or have poor arguments in some threads. So nobody is perfect and not everyone agree with everyone. I can't have only one favourite of all times but I can have an favourite NL user of the day.

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summoned Yay! someone loves me.

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Wonder_Mask wrote:

So I was looking at NL's review for Metroid: Other M, and I read LJM's comment on it, now I'm determined he can see the future.

LordJumpMad wrote:

Well done Ninja Team
Hopefuly this won't end up being the worst Metroid ever made.
I hope not

All hail LordJumpMad and his all-seeing eyes!

It can't be any worse than Metroid II: Return of Samus can it? That game's evil black & White visuals made it so difficult to differentiate areas, the soundtrack was mostly balls, the zoomed in camera was awkward and it all felt too repetitious, what, with hunting down those annoying metroids with the whacked out funky WTF attack patterns. I'd give it 6 Koopa donuts out of 10 Samus shakes.

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LOL turns out I forgot a few people...
@Dark-Luigi He's a pretty awesome dude.
@Peach64 She's smart and isn't afraid to say what she gotta say
@Gioku He loves Pokémon... must I say more?
@WingedSnagret I like reading his comments
@FutureAlphaMale Call me crazy but I find most of his comments to be hilarious
@Unca_Lz He's very nice and smart

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I really don't have any favorites, but i think you guys are all pretty cool and respectful, I don't dislike a single person here( I used to though). I may not be the most active or popular member, but I try my best to not be a nuisance.


OHMYGAWD!!!! I forgot even more people
@SCAR392 He's awesome and very passionate in what he says!
@kkslider5552000 He's one of the smartest guys I ever met on this site
@MAB I laugh at all his posts
@shingi_70 He's a good friend of mine and he also knows ALOT about the gaming industry!

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I guess I should say what my true list of folks I like are. I like (almost) everyone here, but here are my favorites. (Mostly people from the chatzy but I still have favorites outside of the chat~)

@MyNameIs- (Never really liked him that much until now )

I have more but this is good enough for right now, as this list is long.

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