Topic: Your favorite Nintendo Life user?

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I think Adam is awesome. Maybe it is just because he is entertaining and a good business man on the trading forums

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I have to give a special shout-out to HawkeyeMartin. When he said that Golden Sun was one of his favorite games ever, I told him he was one of my favorite people ever. It's rather lonely, being the only giant (and probably really annoying) fan of an obscure game. I feel like I have to inject every post with it, just so that it gets an infintesimal amount of love when compared with Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. Now that I'm done telling you guys that...

There are quite a few people whose opinions I really like to read, but I think Chicken Brutus takes the cake. He's awesome, and on top of that, he's a chicken.

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I guess chicken brutus. I thought people liked me.



I'm not saying any favorites, but, I do really like Marcel Duyn and Sean Aaron's reviews, and I think it's always interesting to read what Wario's Woods has to say, he's got some pretty good ideas and oppinions.



You expect me to pick just ONE? Oh, in that case, Adam. But honorable mentions go to Corbie, theblackdragon, SuperSonic1990, and Chicken Brutus.

@SonicMaster: I like you, I just don't consider you one of my absolute favorite users. You can understand that, right?

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I am not that long here, but for me pixelman, Sean Aaron, CowLaunch and PhenoxSage are the most noticeable users I found yet.

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Oh yeah, forgot about pixelman and stuffgamer.



Cheezy wrote:

I don't know I just think all you guys are the same in different ways, if that makes any kind of sense...

Forum racist.

Actually, I tend to think everyone is the same person unless they have a very distinct avatar. It's especially confusing when there are at least five hundred people with Sonic in their name or avatar. Well, I suppose the number might be closer to two or three, but I am easily confused.

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I'd pick Corbie if he let me in on some of those promotional goods he gets, but I guess my vote will have to go to the great Chicken Brutus.

Almost everyone else is pretty high on my favorite list too though. (:3

EDIT: That's my favorite Mod. Favorite user is KnucklesSonic8 for actually contributing.

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Probably Pixelman, SonicMaster, KnucklesSonic8 and Adam.

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KnucklesSonic8. He pretty much likes every game I like. I also like PhoenixSage. My least favorite member is SonicMaster.

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Listing favorite forum members is mostly harmless, but I don't think listing least favorites is in good taste unless you know the guy and it's just a joke.

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