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For me:

Christmas Eve:

  • go to candlelight service at Church
  • watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation & Elf, while eating Subway Sandwiches
  • Wrap presents
  • end off the night by watching A Garfield Christmas on YouTube before going to bed.

Christmas Day:

  • Have a home cooked breakfast
  • exchange gifts
  • visit various relatives throughout the day
  • also usually squeeze in a watch of A Christmas Story sometime during the day as well


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Christmas Eve:
-Go to evening Church service
-Exchange Christmas Eve gifts among family
-Drink sparkling juice with a light meal

-Exchange Christmas gifts
-Go to Christmas Church service
-Drink sparkling juice with a ham Christmas meal.

Those are the only things that for sure happen every year. We do other stuff, but it changes from year to year..

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Setting records for beer consumption is what I go for 365 days of every year mate



Do nothing in Christmas Eve until dinner time and wait to my aunt to get home and eat only half of the food there's in the table and then eat it on Chrstmas day.

Repeat it in New Year's Eve, this time with some grapes in midnight and calling family for once in a year like you cared for them.

Not knowing when ill get presents, but it will surely be a duplicated from mi brother's present, because or mom thinks that if my brother likes it, i will like it too, and then give me the excuse that she didn't had time to buy and she didn't know what to buy for me.

So, i supose when dinner ends i will get back to internet. As all years.

WhiteKnight wrote:

Setting new records for beer consumed.

Look forward to my posts on that day.





Christmas Eve:

Watch It's A Wonderful Life on DVD with family while munching on meat and veggie trays
Open a present

Christmas Day:
Get woken up around 7 in the morning
Open presents
Watch a parade, Christmas Story National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone while cooking a Ham dinner with all the trimmings and setting up/putting together various gifts that needed to be assembled/set up.

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Christmas Eve: Do nothing and wait till 'morrow.
Christmas Day: Open presents and eat breakfast.
Yep. Nothing like getting socks that you never asked for.

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Christmas Eve: Go to someone else's house and do whatever

Christmas Day: Open presents
Eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast

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Christmas Eve:
-Christmas Eve service at church
-Go to a relative's house for a party and play a gift exchanging game
-Drive by a nearby house that has an INSANE display of lights every year

Christmas Day:
-Open gifts/stockings
-My maternal grandparents' house for gifts
-My paternal grandparents' house for dinner and gifts

Yes, lots of gifts! It can be nice having a big family!

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Go to McDonlads at 11:30 pm on Christmas Eve for a last supper.

Cry all day on Christmas ever cause McDonalds is closed.

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Christmas Eve I help around the house, sometimes hang tinsel, play video games, and have a party later on in the day at a relative's house(actually this year it's our house)

Christmas I unwrap presents and play video games. All day. And the next. And the next. Etc.

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Open gifts, stockings, special Christmas dinner. as you can see nothing really. Christmas is actually barley even being noticed this yeay by me, it's proabably gonna just sneak up on me monday or tuesday.

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Banker-Style wrote:

Go to McDonlads at 11:30 pm on Christmas Eve for a last supper.

Cry all day on Christmas ever cause McDonalds is closed.

That must be a region thing cause in my area McDonalds are always open on Christmas day.

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Christmas Eve:
1.we all do our thing and just keep it "TRILL"...


1.wake up in moring and open gifts with mom,brothers,sisters.

2.have family dinner with mom,sisters,brothers.,sisters leave to go over to be with family brother go with wifey.

4."HOUSE IS MINE" lol...

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Christmas Eve:
Candle light service at church (my favorite part about Christmas.)
Open one present out of the stash.
Watch home alone 1
Have a special dinner

Christmas Day:
Finish opening presents
Have a special breakfast
Watch home alone 2
Drink about 20 gallons of hot cocoa.


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