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For those curious about the Year of Luigi CD that just came out in Japan ...

I just got it in off eBay - have listened to most of the CD and am really enjoying it.

You can find my account at
Here are some links to some pics I've posted:




Looks awesome. What songs are on it?

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Awesome Frisbee you got there.

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ToastyYogurt wrote:

Looks awesome. What songs are on it?

It has music from Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2, Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball, Mario Tennis GC, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart Wii and DS, Super Strikers Charged, Mario Sports Mix, and quite a bit from Mario and Luigi Dream Team.

A very beefy selection from either Luigi focused games or levels in games. A good listen - Nintendo also came out with a Mario and Luigi CD that covers the original RPG trilogy.

Building up my Year of Luigi collection - I now have Coin, Pin, CD, Japan Limited Edition 3DS LL and will be getting the Platinum Reward Poster and the Wii U Limited Edition game. Should be a nice collection when it is all done that I'll be getting framed.



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