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Nintendo recently announced two new Yoshi games in development: Yarn Yoshi and Yoshi's Island 3DS. Nintendo hasn't actually stated what these two games will be titled, but we can assume it will be something with a similar name. I can't help but wonder... Which game will be better? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each game.

Yarn Yoshi - Yarn Yoshi will be released on the Wii U, meaning it will have better graphics than Yoshi's Island 3DS. Similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn, which was released for the Wii, the environment and characters seem to be entirely made of yarn. I love the Kirby franchise, but Epic Yarn isn't one of my favorites. Epic Yarn stripped Kirby of his trademark copy ability. I hope a similar fate doesn't await Yoshi in the new Wii U title. The game still looks like it'll be really fun, even if Nintendo only gave us a few screenshots and what seemed like merely nanoseconds of footage.

Yoshi's Island 3DS - While Yarn Yoshi bears a slight resemblance to Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's Island 3DS, of course, is modeled after the first two Yoshi's Island games. This means that Baby Mario (and probably the other babies) will ride Yoshi as he ventures forth on yet another quest. Since this is the Year of Luigi, hopefully Baby Luigi won't be kidnapped this time and actually be playable. Though Yarn Yoshi will have HD graphics, this game will, of course, feature eye-popping 3D. In addition, it will likely be cheaper, being a 3DS game. Nintendo has stated that the new Yoshi's Island will hit stores, I believe, this holiday season. Yarn Yoshi will likely take more time to develop.

Overall, both games look like they'll be great. From what little footage from both games Nintendo has shown, I'd say that the new Yoshi's Island game looks to be more promising. E3 will be coming up in less than a month. You never know, I might be convinced otherwise during then. Please comment which one you're most excited for and let me know how I'm doing. I just joined this website last night, and I want to know whether or not others find my posts enjoyable. Thanks for reading!


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As long Yoshi is back in action then it's all great!



I'm gonna get both someday.

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i never played the yarn kerby game..and im not planing to but i might play the yarn yoshi

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I'll be getting both when they come around sooner or later. But I'm more excited for Yarn Yoshi! There's so little info about it, I'm so curious!!!!
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So, a disappointing Yoshi's Island sequel made by Artoon's successors versus another bloody yarn game except with Yoshi as the star.

Honestly, I'm not sure which will be better. On the one hand, I actually kind of liked Yoshi's Island DS despite its development team and some very poor level design. On the other... the trailers for it look rather mediocre.

And Yarn Yoshi? I have no interest in yarn. Or this game (however nice it may look).

I might give this to Yoshi's Island 3DS/Yoshi's New Island. More chance I'll personally enjoy it.

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I'm more excited for Yarn Yoshi, but I'll be getting both games. Yoshi's New Island looked great at first, but when I read that it was going to be made by the guys behind Yoshi's Island DS and that there were graphical issues, that excitement died down somewhat. Still, I expect it'll work out in the end and it will be yet another good Nintendo game for 3DS.

I'm excited to see more of Yarn Yoshi because of Good-Feel, one of my favorite 2nd parties, and their beautiful effort on Kirby's Epic Yarn. I also have very high expectations for Yarn Yoshi's music considering Good-Feel's extremely talented musical work in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Wario Land: Shake It. I'm also sure that the yarn, cotton, and cloth graphics, which were already eye-popping on the Wii, will look absolutely gorgeous on Wii U.



I want to say Yoshi's Island 3 because I adore the original, but the DS one disappointed too much and at most this one looks like a level pack sequel.

Yarn Yoshi.

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I like the 3DS game...don't mind giving Artoon another chance...the game's visuals makes me think of cake for some reason.
As for Yarn Yoshi, I always like Good Feel's games...from Shake It to Kirby's Epic Yarn...heck, even the Giant Luigi battles in Dream Team were epic, lol.


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