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odd69 wrote:

Sure i suffer from depression, but that's because of a chemical imbalance. I'm skinny and play video games because they keep me "happy".Infact i don't take anti-depressants, never did. I use gaming as a form of medicine ... i mean relaxation and enjoyment.Seriously does yahoo need a degree to figure that out.

No, because they already do, and still dont get it. Maybe a visit to the tallest point on earth will help. Lets plan a field trip t Iwata's pile of money!



I'm depressed now thanks to Yahoo. Maybe they should do a survey on how many people search on Yahoo because they're overweight and depressed

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lz2009 wrote:

I'm depressed now thanks to Yahoo. Maybe they should do a survey on how many people search on Yahoo because they're overweight and depressed

All of them



I played video games when I was in great shape and well adjusted. They had nothing to do with any depression, substance abuse, or weight gain that have taken place since then. Of course people who spend their life playing video games all freaking day are more likley to be fat and depressed. Thats not rocket science. I suspect the education these "researchers" have is highly overrated. They have suspect mental health if they think their laborious results that state the obvious are of benefit to anyone.

Tails86 wrote: " i'm about 5"11 and weigh about 228lbs would you consider that overweight? i wouldn't now 350 yes but 228 thats a decent size"

I'm 5'11 and a doughy 200 lbs. Unless that 228 is all muscle, yeah, your overweight. I just Googled it and our "ideal" weight is around 180. Guess I had better get Wii Fit.

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I am 5'9 and on 123 lbs according to Wii Fit


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Yeah I was depressed when I first touched the Super Nintendo at one and a half years old, a whole lot of problems in my life then.

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Guys you are taking this way to personal.

The original report was a medical study - just know that for some this is more than a hobby - became a lifestyle - and for some their are negative side effects.....

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Oh good, I am neither a gamer or hardcore. Saves me from having to be IGNorant.
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I'm neither of those 2 things, and I get lots of fresh air, because I walk my dog a lot.

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