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I don't know if any of you know this guy on YouTube. He has a massive channel where he basically just looks at Japanese games, and he actually lives there. He was a REALLY great and kind fellow, always looked out for people, he had a HUGE collection, he was always upbeat and funny, you know? But something happened to him recently that nailed the coffin into his making of fantastic videos. I don't want to say what it was, so here's a link to his last video, where he explains it all.

This kind of situation is quite a devistating one, and I've been a fan of his so I really hope he can sort things out. He was just waayy to nice for this to ever happen to him. But all his videos are still up, he has alot, and even though he's through, I'd still check them out. Again, I really hope he'll live the rest of his life happy and will be missed...

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wow that guy has every console known to man....i hope he can sort that out. bad choice...

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It's very easy to get caught up in any hobby, especially video gaming. I feel for the guy and I hope he can rectify his situation or at least learn from it.

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I am not familiar...but I wish I was...

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He is right we each need to have our priorities in order or else we loose everything.

I have chosen to get my ass in gear and get a job and then I need to start bringing in my own groceries and then on my day off I'm going to drive to Nevada and rescue my brother out of a homless shelter and bring him home! Video games come last after all that

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Like I said even though he's gone now his videos will still be there and I highly suggest checking them out, good stuff

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I NEVER click on random you-tube links but I'm glad I did that one.

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Flash forward to now, and I have amassed a similar amount of crud. But having lost it all before and experienced first hand what used to be my worst fear, I could quite happily chuck it all off the edge of a cliff, and walk away with a smile on face, taking great satisfaction from being able to do so.

I see this as a stage in my evolution as a human being, one that was forced upon me, but one I am now grateful for. I wish that guy luck in piecing his life back together, as I'm sure he now looks at his awesome game collection with a touch of disgust.

A quote from my all time favourite movie...

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What it that line from?

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