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If you want to hear disgusting, try some grilled asapragus. I once tried some as my aunt's boyfriend cooked us that. I decided to try one, since I liked normal asapragus. However, once I ate those grilled asapragus, I could not stand the taste and couldn't finish eating it.

Never again do I want to eat a grilled asapragus.


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BleachFan888 wrote:

Hmm... While i cant really compete with that, i still did eat somethin pretty disgusting...
Squid Jerkey
Let it be known that me and seafood go together about as well as an old peson and a punk teenager. The fact that i actually put the stringy, dry, chalky piece in my mouth was pretty amazing. The fact that i didn't throw up l8r was even more of a shocker. @ 1st i didn't really taste anything and the food seemed quite managable to swallow down...then, as if i hit a "sweet spot," a whole mess of overwhelming fish taste seeped over my mouth. It almost tasted like the squid was still alive and well...and just farted in my mouth. All in all it was an unenjoyable experience and it made me see my friend in another light as i watched him go back for seconds.

"Squid Jerky" as you call it, is one of my favorite foods. It's actually called "prepared squid" but whatever. Anyway, I used to get that all the time when I lived in California, and now that I'm in Kentucky, it's quite a bit harder to find because "exotic" foods to the midwest consists of Taco Bell.

The worst thing I've ever had was this disgusting concoction I had at a performing arts camp I went to one summer. They called it grits, but it was nothing of the sort. It was...really bad. It was so bad that the head of the camp didn't even eat it, and he's in charge of all the organic, super-healthy food choices.

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