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My sister in law, for St. Patty's Day, invites my family over to their place to have dinner...she decides she should make "special" fish sticks, home-made scalloped potatoes, and something for desert...what it was wasn't important.

The "fish sticks" were baked, not fried.....meaning the thin breading got all soupy and they were soupy, gross fish pieces swimming around...then you tasted them. The whole recipe was cooked in Vodka (according to recipe), so of course to skimp she uses Skol.

It's $7.99 for a handle...

The entire thing tasted like cheap vodka combined with spoiled peanut juice...the potatoes were like 1/3 cooked...and the entire ordeal took like 2.5 hours, with 30-40 minutes between each was one of the foulest eating experiences I've ever had.

My nephew (5 year old kid, just turned a couple weeks ago) said "Mom I don't like it"...his Mom asks him to say it correctly (hoping he'll say "I don't care for it" instead) his rephrasing is "I don't like it and I don't care." Ah, little kids rule.

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Sweet Potatoes and Cottage Cheese.

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@Swerd merd - ""I don't like it and I don't care." Ah, little kids rule." That's funny.

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Hmm... While i cant really compete with that, i still did eat somethin pretty disgusting...
Squid Jerkey
Let it be known that me and seafood go together about as well as an old peson and a punk teenager. The fact that i actually put the stringy, dry, chalky piece in my mouth was pretty amazing. The fact that i didn't throw up l8r was even more of a shocker. @ 1st i didn't really taste anything and the food seemed quite managable to swallow down...then, as if i hit a "sweet spot," a whole mess of overwhelming fish taste seeped over my mouth. It almost tasted like the squid was still alive and well...and just farted in my mouth. All in all it was an unenjoyable experience and it made me see my friend in another light as i watched him go back for seconds.

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ANYthing from The Olive Garden.

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Anything that can be defined as "Exquisite".

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One time I got tricked into trying some chocolate cheese. I discovered that day that chocolate does not taste good with everything... It tasted so awful that I spit it out and hid it in my hand so she wouldn't feel bad. This was some old lady. Worst experience with chocolate ever. Also, I stood there with that garbage in my hand for close to an wasn't worth hiding...

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Chocolate Chilli instantly springs to mind. I once ate some Dragonfire chicken, and it wasn't that it tasted bad but rather it was TOO spicy.


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You really hate Ketchup don't you

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I agree with Josh, Avocado is puke inducing.

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Quorn, hate that stuff.



Fermented soybean sushi. Only sushi I've ever hated; passed it around the table, and not one of us could bear it.

EDIT: Avocado is a wonderful food, brutes!

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Homemade alligator jerky. There's a taste you'll NEVER forget.

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Anything from Taco Bell

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If anyone's heard of the poorly named type of meatballs called "faggots", and has had the brand I tasted, I think they'd agree with me when I say that all 5 senses were about to explode with disgust o_o

I'm all for saving meat but if you make that much of a mess of it stick to sausages...

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Any seafood. I refuse to eat anything that swims in it's own toilet.

Once I was at my friend's Aunt's house. She was cooking us lunch: A bolgna (baloney) sandwhich with mayonaise. Then she microwaved it to "warm it up". She gave me my sandwhich on a paper plate. I picked it up and the mayonaise was dripping out of it. I took one bite and I have NEVER eaten mayonaise since then. Was about 15-ish years ago.



@ChristeriousNinja: OMG faggots are yum! My stomach just went 'gggrrrr' in agreement

@Magi: My stomach did something else at the thought of warm mayo'. Yuk!

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