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Kid_A wrote:

FATEM wrote:

American version of The Office is definitely terrible. The UK version of The Office is brilliant.
Also How I Met Your Mother is pretty good.

I was going to ask you why you thought the American Office is terrible (I also think the UK version is brilliant, but I think the American one is superior), but seeing as you find HIMYM "pretty good", it's clear that we have different defenitions of "terrible".

Clearly. As in most situations when two people have contrasting opinions we'll just have to agree to disagree.

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Does anyone like scrubs? It seems like every time I watch that show, I get sad.



My name is earl is a great show.

FRed and lonelygirl suck as far as web series, FRED is annoying and lonleygirl is only cool if you watched it as they were being released.

The guild, Red vs Blue, and We need girlfriends i recommend.


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Good wrote:

Most of Comedy Central's shows like Micheal and Micheal Have Issues and Secret Girlfriend. The Jeff Dunham Show doesn't get the attention it deserves because people are calling it the worst show since Mind of Mencia which is one of the most unfunny shows I've ever seen.

SOme of comedy central's shows are funny ):< Scrubs for example sure it wasnt funnt every second but it was a good show

@twario opps handt read your post ya i like scrubs to i got sad at the end of the series

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