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most of you have only seen the newer episodes which suck, but if you've watch from season one then you know the show is pretty historic for talking about teen abuse, drug abuse, peer pressure, teen violence, and being the first show to have the first gay kiss on television and having openly gay characters.

But one of the most horrible shows on television but i can't stop watching it are gossip girl and 90210 i just can't get enough of taylor mosem, annalynne mcord,and the chick who plays blair waldoorf (she was in that cobra starship music video)


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Disney Channel is horrible and it's made to suck money from children and tweens.
But don't generalise EVERYthing disney, classic animation (and even some classic movies), Pixar, and maybe that new animation movie with the frog prince, are all full of win.

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I see no comedy in House of Pain or Meet the Browns. That's not me being racist, I just think Tyler Perry is horribly unfunny.

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Same as what Kid_A said. I'm not being racist, but I just don't think it's funny. But I do like Everybody Hates Chris, so I'm not racist. The only good show on Disney Channel is Phineas and Ferb. And I do enjoy Chowder on CN. Spongebob stopped being good after the movie. And I mean the theater movie. Back at the Barnyard is good, same with Penguin of Madigascar. And I loved Jimmy Nutron, so I'm hoping Planet Sheen is good. Fairly Oddparents is also good. But I hate pretty much everything on Nick@Nite except for Malcom in the Middle, Everybody Hates Chris, and Glen Martin.


I tried to watch house of pain one time, and...... oh wait wrong show.

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@Xkhoaz: You actually like that Glenn Martin show? I think it is horrible. I actually like everything on Nick at Night BUT that.

"But I do like Everybody Hates Chris, so I'm not racist."
Haha, you do know that like half the jokes on that show are racist jokes right? I'm not saying that your racist, but that's a pretty weird thing to say.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


I had fun once and it was awful.


Family Guy & The Cleveland Show.
Family Guy isn't funny. Cleveland Show is for other reasons.

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How could I forget MadTV. That show goes on whole new levels of horrible.



V8+Ninja wrote:

As being a TV of n00b (streaming = Epic Win), I don't know what Degrassi is. Anyone wanna explain?

Degrassi is a stupid show on Teen Nick. The show bases around the fact that the teens "LOVE" each other, well...I think they want to get into each others pants...there are also killings in this show, with guns and knifes, rapists, sex, religion and race play into the picture as well...

Well, you can pretty much get the point....High School is terrible....

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Pretty much anything on Nick these days would make me CONSTIPATED. Nick used to be AWESOME, but now the shows are just crud. Same with Disney.

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