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Morphtorok wrote:

This is a site run by fans for fans, they're free to put any news they want in any way they want, they're not obligated to talk only about nice things and rainbows.


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kloudd wrote:

You're right. In fact, I really don't have to read the columns. But the thing about me is I tend to automatically consider every featured posting as relevant. But also, my point with that was imagine that you came to school with a unusual hairdo, and no one was bothering you until someone shouted something impartial about it. Then all of a sudden you're the center of attention and no one is saying anything positive.

That comparison is kind of vague to me, but if what you're saying is that all of a sudden there's negative attention on Nintendo because someone brought it up, that's not the case. There's nothing NL can do about trolls that want to rub Nintendo's failure in your face, don't blame them for that.

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@kloudd: But much to my frustration I see article after article of fodder for the surprising number of half supporters I see posting comments on this site.

there are many posters here who love nintendo and nintendo only. others, such as myself, love nintendo but also love sony and/or microsoft. we latter must fall into your definition of 'half supporters'.

i disagree with @scar392's comment re: nintendo being picked on everywhere. i have seen a lot of support for the wii u online; not a lot of love for nintendo's advertising strategy, however.

those who love nintendo best seem to have a victimisation mentality when it comes to ninty. they see ninty as being more altruistic than the other companies. they take it very personally when anything negative is said about ninendo, even if it is true. they don't seem to feel that nintendo is a corporation but more like family to them. anyone who disagrees with them is told they are whining, or too impatient, or not a true nintendo lover.

as to your example: perhaps it is an ugly hairstyle that begs to be mocked. doing anything unusual is calling attention to oneself. is it the other students' fault for picking up on that or yours for making a bad choice in hairdo?

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For Love Sakes,We already have enough Troll Threads. :/

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Well, whatever. I like Xbox too, you know. I'm not blind.

Anyway, just deal with the doom and gloom. It happens, especially if people don't understand the situation.


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If I may, I must say that, of all of the video game websites and magazines I have been through for years (I'm 22 years old), regarding relevant, non-filler Nintendo news with personality, NintendoLife has been the only Nintendo site could find to fit the bill.

Sure the forums and comments may not be the best, but I have been to a lot of forums (one claiming to be the 'sequel' or the 'part 2' of the original Nsider) and this one is, by far, the most civilized ...for the most part. Also, we are now in a generation of gamers where people visit other sites simply to trash the company the site is about.

Trust me, I know where you are right now (not in that way, of course lol). It caused me to leave many forums and websites and I have not looked back. Just believe me when I say that you will be hard pressed to find a better source of Nintendo news and even community than here.

Lately the news has been a tad negative and complaints are up regarding the fanbase, but the frustration seems to be a result of the perception that Nintendo isn't putting forth their best with Wii U. With respect to marketing, getting the big-named games and developers, and making good on some of their promises, Nintendo, in the eyes of many here, could be doing better. Once Nintendo backs up their words with actions, which is much easier said than done, you will see less complaints (or more if they become successful...Apple and Android come to mind here).

And this is coming from a user who rarely makes me posts anymore.

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I visit Nintendolife daily because I enjoy the fact that they constantly provide gaming news about my favorite company, Nintendo. Its not always good news, but its always Nintendo related, so I like the read regardless. My only complaint, which is beyond Nintendo lifes control, is the constant complaining and critizing from people who dont necessarily view certain points from a business (Nintendo) perspective. It seems like any time some aspect of a game or hardware is not what someone wanted, it is deemed a failure. Most comments have a glass half empty feel rather than a glass half full. Sure, not everything Nintendo does will prove successfu,l but I like that they are always trying to be innovative. As @kkslider5552000 touched on, theres a bigger world out there to enjoy. Time wasted complaining about what Nintendo didnt do for you could be better used enjoying what Nintendo has done right

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

What a great topic.

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NLife just report the news. It's not their fault if it's negative recently. I'd hate to come to a website that pretends there's nothing negative about Nintendo right now and everything is perfect.

The same with the users. I love Nintendo, but I'm the sort of Nintendo fan that wants Nintendo to be good, instead of the sort of Nintendo fan that will love Nintendo whatever they do. It's my opinion that Nintendo are far from the top of their game now. I'm not a troll or a hater, I'm just being honest. NLife has a lot of the 'cheer for Nintendo no matter what' sorts, but it also has a great group of Nintendo fans that don't have that bias and are up for discussing things objectively.



Nintendo is always in the firing-line because it's Nintendo. It does its own thing, and is successful because of it. This in turn frustrates 'experts', because the Big N refuses to bow to conventions and a 'common-sense' view of the industry. Sour grapes, that's all it is. As long as it continues making fantastic games, have millions of fans (and they DO exist) and make money, then the gods of luck will continue to smile upon the company.

Oh, and Sony and Microsoft are wallowing in debt. Nintendo isn't.That kinda helps, too.

As for the site...well, damned if they do, damned if they don't. If they report 'negative' stories, then the writers are accused of spreading misery. If they don't, then I'm sure they'd be accused of 'ignoring' the happenings of the games industry and having a pro-biased slant.

I think Nintendo Life is a great site run by superb people. The community is much friendlier than %99.99 of gaming sites out there, and I'm thankful for that.

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Seriously, go and look at My Nintendo News, that place is just infested with trolls and fanboys, and unfortunately its the case for most Nintendo fan sites. We are far from the worst website out there. The community and staff here are just great in my opinion, and to be honest there's not much that I would personally change here.

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SCAR392 wrote:

The site is usually in the right. It's mainly the users that start the doom and gloom. They post news no matter what it is.
Besides, all the PS fans are on this site, because PushSquare's forums are dead silent, so you have to expect some sort of retaliation.
All the PushSquare users migrated to NL.


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kkslider5552000 wrote:

I once made a joke (or at least thought of it) about my worry that people take Nintendo Life too literally. As in, someone exists whose life revolves entirely around Nintendo. And it was funny.

It's not funny anymore. Now it's kinda sad.

Go to other Nintendo site then this one, and it gets even more depressing. Nintendo fanboys have been known to be the worst kind, and it only make other fans look bad.
Out of all the videogame web sites I been to, NintendoLife has been known to be the cleanest, and most open minded site on the internet.
Believe it or not; this is the only web site where I can get an friendly and even an intelligent conversation. Sometimes its all fun and nuts, but the users here can take a joke lightly, with out making a fool of themselves.

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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He's just so mad that he's happy

You want to be with other "happy" Nintendo fans, go to GoNintendo. They're so happy that all bad nintendo news are wrong and all supporters are automatically awesome

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If you don't want to be here, guys, no one's twisting your arms to stay. We'll miss you while you're gone, and we'll be here when you decide to return. :3

future of NL >:3
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