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Hey guys so we always talk about glitches that made us laugh, made our gaming experience better or made the game easier.

But how about the evil side of glitches? What are the worst glitches you experience?
1. Game erase
2. Game breaker
3. Automatic death

Let me know.
1. What game?
2. What console?
3. What was the glitch and why this was the worst glitch for you?



Majora’s Mask
LoZ Promo disc on GameCube
The game froze after jumping in the hole to fight the Stone Temple boss. Then screen stayed black as Link screamed. The only way out was resetting the console. It sucked, because I had just gotten all the fairies and masks and was on my way to a Fierce Diety run, and there was just enough time to beat the boss and make it to Clock Town on Day 3. It was also very unsettling ūüėā


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I borrowed Super Paper Mario from a friend once and couldn't get past an early level because there was a glitch where the entire console froze if you spoke to a certain character without getting a key first.


@AlohaPizzaJack That port of Majora's Mask had a few issues for sure. It sounded all weird whenever you opened a door into a different room, there was more slowdown, and freezing issues that were apparently less severe if you played with rumble off.

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I've been pretty lucky with Nintendo games in general, not so much third-party games on their devices. I've never had to deal with deleted/broken game files that weren't the fault of some external source; the earliest example that I can think of is when some jerk kid took a Pokemon cartridge out of my Game Boy Color when I was actively playing the game. My save data was corrupted, so I had to start the game over.

Besides that, I've had a hard freeze on Ocarina of Time 3D and with The Minish Cap on the GBA SP. The former was caused by the system having to deal with too much at once (I had spent ~3 hours doing the boss gauntlet mode, a lot was going on on-screen, and it was also charging), and the latter was a used cartridge that I was playing on an old, run-through-the-mill system.

Then I've had some interesting things happen through in-game Pokemon glitching (I never used Action Replay or a GameShark), but as that was kind of intentional and had few if any effects on the gameplay....

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I had an NES that was old enough where sometimes it decided that Mario 3 should actually look ****ed up, among other games (the Mario 3 title screen messing up is just the first one that comes to mind).

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The only totally game busting, save ruining glitch I have ever experienced was the (in)famous Missingno glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue. Abusing it could totally corrupt your save beyond repair - which I did, more than once - as a kid.

More recently there was a glitch in Mario Rabbids where you could be unable to progress at all and be required to reload the game.

In Civilization 6, on Switch and other versions as well, if you make an alliance on the same turn as you are declared war on, you end up allied with your enemy - for example, if you are making an alliance with France on the same turn Russia invades, you end up at war with your ally France too, only you cannot fight back because they game treats France as an ally even while they burn your cities to the ground... The glitch is not limited to any particular countries.

On a couple of occasions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, when I fast traveled repeatedly, it would cause a bunch of lag for about a minute or two and I'd just be in a void of nothing. That glitch wasn't consistent and I could not repeat it.

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head, I am sure there are others I am forgetting.

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My big one was hitman 2 on gamecube. I got to a certain part of the game ( can't remember but i was pretty deep into it) and as soon as I walked into this door frame the game froze. Multiple times of turning the game off and on. I even went back to target and explained what was going on with the game and they said they would give me a new copy. So I tried the new copy and the same thing happened. So again I went back to target, did the whole thing over again, and.... another freeze. Target wouldn't give me a credit or money back, just a new hit man 2 game over and over again. I went back at a later date and restarted the whole Campaign and the same thing happened. Some thing was up with that target batch of hitman 2, and the mystery was never solved



Heavyarms55 wrote:

The only totally game busting, save ruining glitch I have ever experienced was the (in)famous Missingno glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue. Abusing it could totally corrupt your save beyond repair - which I did, more than once - as a kid.

Missingno was one of the glitches I alluded to above. I never caught the thing when I learned about it since I knew that would hose my whole file in Blue, but I did abuse the item replication glitch. The end result was a messed up hall of fame record and a Pokemon team that was easily maxed out at level 100. I considered the HoF a small price to pay overall.

Another was the Battle Tower cloning glitch in Emerald. I had great results until I learned the hard way how risky it could be....I lost a Groudon to it.

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Just recently, I got stuck in Mario + Rabbits Kingdom trying to get to the red coin circle when I get behind the cannon that leads to world 4. And that happened while having the last update of the game. Thankfully, I didn't lose anything because I had recently beat world 3, so it autosaved and was able to obtain reach the red coin circle and get the item.

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I bought a copy of Thousand Year Door that would always give an error message at the beginning of the game, right after Mario opened his eyes.

Exchanged it for a new copy and it worked fine.

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Back in 2009, I had found a wild Michael Jackson in Pokemon Diamond. I freaked out and turned off my DS after I encountered him. Loaded the game back up and searched the area where I had found him (pretty sure it was Route 222), but I couldn’t get another encounter to happen.

To this day I still don’t understand what happened.

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@Deku-Scrub Ugh, that reminds me of a flipnote I saw back in the day of a Pokemon battle against Ronald McDonald, who destroyed the player's team in funny ways. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that video on Youtube, and with Hatena being long gone, I'll probably never get to see it again.

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My worst glitch ever was on Pokémon Sapphire on the GBA back in 2003.
I was just saving my progress as usual, but suddenly the game didn't stop saving.
It didn't freeze or anything like that because the music was still playing.
I waited over 10 Minutes for something to happen and pressed every button, but i was completly stuck.
The only thing i could do was turning off the GBA, but when i resartet the game everything was gone.
My Pokédex was complete and i really loved my current team back then. Over 100 hours of playtime gone.
I was really heartbroken after that.



WWF No Mercy. I would always have to spend hours unlocking all the extra wrestlers and painstaking creating wrestlers (I would literally go through dozens of different types of punches to make sure my Rob Van Dam and Bret Hart were as accurate as possible) just for them to be lost, and then start it all over again.

The did release a 2nd patch of games without the glitch but those games had no blood so it's hard to say which was the better version.

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I was playing Pokémon Gold and had to move some Pokémon around so I put my Typhlosion in one of the boxes temporarily to take another Pokémon out. Once I was ready to take my Typhlosion back, the whole box was empty. The number indicating how many Pokémon are in the box displayed the correct amount but the only option inside was cancel. It was level 96 so I was just about to get my first ever level 100 Pokémon.

It was really heartbreaking but luckily, it wasn't an actual GameBoy and cartridge. That would've been even worse. I didn't get my first console until much later. I guess that also means there's a chance it wasn't the game itself that glitched. It could have been the software that ran the game. No way to know for sure now. It took me many years before I was ready to store another starter in a box. I always kept them with me, just in case.

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Outside of wii disks being scratched and crashing, there was one. I was in a triple battle in chargestone cave in pokemon white 2, and all my pokemon were taken out in one turn, alongside 1 of the oppenents pokemon. When I tried to select another pokemon to switch into, it selected it, then asked me to pick another one. However, it kept saying I "can't select that pokemon". I tried everything I could think of, and couldn't find anything online. I just gave up, restarted the game, and went through the entire route and cave AGAIN. It was super annoying.

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the water was frozen in the air in my town on ACNL
man that was funny and weird

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I tried to go into the internet browser... My 3ds crashed. i couldent do anything. Even turn it off! The worst part? it was after i charged it so now it just stands there and waits to get its battery drained...
Any ideas?

Btw is it a game?

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TMNT II on NES. I was just a youngster, finally made it to the end of this game playing solo. Finally beat Krang after what seemed like forever (Krang has a lot of HP) and got to Shredder. After a lengthy battle with Shredder and his clone, the real Shredder finally fell, defeated. As soon as he hit the ground, the game froze and then reset back to the title screen. Pretty upsetting for a young kid who finally beat this game on his own.
I always took the satisfaction that I saw Shredder hit the ground defeated before it glitched, so at least I knew I had beaten it.



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