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Well, even though I didn't have it but my neighbor's daughter did.
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Hands down the worst DS game ever made.
Got zeros from almost every respectable reviewer out there.
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Apparently PictoChat with personality... FAIL

One game I have played and hated is Blades of Thunder 2. Whenever I get the chance to go to a GameSpot, I'll go see what it's "worth".

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Driver 3..... nuff said

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Action 52. Here is a true story about what happened to poor old me when I played this game.

I was happily surfing Gamespot, whenever I came across a game. I clicked on a review, and the review explained the acursed games awfulness. I then decided to give it a spin. I wasn't surprised about it, every single aspect of the game was godawful. But then came Cheetahmen. Immediately when I started the game up, a mysterious force sucked me into the screen, and somehow knocked me out. When I came to, the Cheetahmen had me surrounded. I tried to run off, but one of them grabbed me, and smashed my skull open and inserted some type of locating chip.

When I came to, I was in a hospital. A doctor came in and told me I was very lucky to be alive. But, he said I had forgotton my name. He gave me a note from the Cheetahmen that said my new name would be cheetahman91. They also wrote that they could track my every movement, and could see everything I was doing. I left the hospital, vowing I would never play that acursed game again.

Now, three years later, I am doing fine and well, but I am still a slave of the Cheetahmen's locating chip. So now I come to you with this warning. DO NOT PLAY ACTION 52! If you do, you shall become like me, so please do not play it under any circumstances.

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So then why do you have an avatar based off that tripepile? Out of curiosity? I mean, barely do I see characters from bad games being brought by users.

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Gyrostarr. Makes your eyes bleed and horrible gameplay. Multiplayer mode is no fun either.



ryanknight717 wrote:

Wayne's World for the NES. Just bad in every respect

Why would you even play that? It is a comedy movie, they would make terrible games. Great movie though

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Scooby Doo: Cyber Chase for the GBA. Jeez... one of the worst games ever!

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RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

ryanknight717 wrote:

Wayne's World for the NES. Just bad in every respect

Why would you even play that? It is a comedy movie, they would make terrible games. Great movie though

Funny that this game got mentioned the same day that the AVGN released a video about it...again...people claiming a terrible game that they probably never played but saw on AVGN



I think Wario Land: Shake it.

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Twilight Princess. Meh

What's this bit for again?


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