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Pitfighter for the SNES. It was so bad, I sometimes wake up crying.

I bought it aswell - never completed it because it was just a wreck of a game.

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Probably Men In Black for the Game Boy Color. It's just a very boring run n gun without much action.

Also SSBB, well I wouldn't say that it's the worst game I played, but it's really dissapointing. There's just so much wrong with the game.

Flaws of SSBB are:

There's still quite a bit of clones. The game designers might as well implement a system similar to the bust/slash system that was in Samurai Shodown III & IV. Hey at least the character select screen wouldn't be as cluttered now would it?

The subspace emissary was ok at first, but it pretty much just turned into a glorified Kirby fanfic at the end. There wasn't even a narrator to explain what's going on in the cut-scenes.

Not much variety in classic mode. What I meant is that there were predetermined paths each time you played that were chosen at random.

There were a lot of old trophies that were in SSMB that were removed in SSBB.

Quite a bit of the new trophies arn't really that great

Fox, Falco, & Wolf having the same final smash.

The online mode is very poor. If often lags ALOT & no variables to adjust in random battles. You can't adjust the stock count or the time. You can't even set any item rules of any kind.

Stage builder is VERY limited.

The masterpieces which are "demos" of old nintendo games were little more than an afterthought. Some of them you can only play them for like, 1 minute.

Besides the Footstool jump & tripping, there pretty much wan't any new gameplay mechanics introduced in Brawl.

The fighting seems slow paced.

I don't know if you can even use any music in the game in any stage.

CD's disappear WAY too fast.

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look markythesharky, all that stuff for SSBB were just extra features barely any of them were in melee, were lucky to have them in brawl

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How about I change mine to...Drum Roll PLEASE!..........

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Supermarioman wrote:

How about I change mine to...Drum Roll PLEASE!..........

Mario Hotel!

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Men in Black on PSone, its almost as if they where trying to create one of the worst games of all time, it really is that bad, not so much a game more a piece of mental torture.



I forgot a couple:

Worms Forts: Open Seige (PS2), I suppose this one wasn't THAT bad, but just the fact that someone could make a game with exploding grannies and priests, and somehow make it suck, merits a mention.

Golf, Baseball, and Tennis (NES)- Without a doubt the most boring games I've ever played in my life. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than playing these. That goes to Golf, especially.


Lawnmower Man (~1995/DOS). By any measure, it is the worst game of any kind that I have ever experienced in my whole life.

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Another really bad game was Trivial Pursuit on the Master System, you had to answer true or false, the problem was the correct answer to every single question was true, why would they make a game where the correct answer was the same every single time regardless of what was asked.



Any 3D Sonic game ever made. That includes Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

The Game.

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That Superman N64 game was absolute trash. I remember seeing some 50 cent game on someone else's PSP that looked like pretty awful too...didn't play it myself, but I recall seeing like a 2.5/10 for it somewhere.

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Rhythm 'n Notes for the DS, absolutely horrid. I'd heard terrible things, but love music theory, so I emulated it just to see if it was worth a purchase after all, and my God... someone should be shot for letting that hit retail shelves, as I cringe to think how many people picked it up for full price and subsequently fashioned a noose out of whatever crude materials were at hand. Shouldn't there be some quality checks before your local game store will let you pay $30 for something that actually lessens your understanding of music, and does so through torturously bad design?

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cant remember! I have the ability to completely block bad games out of my mind. I I look at it i see right through it its the blank spot on a list of games, its that weird empty space in the list of Virtual console games....

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Well, the worst games I've ever played aren't necessarily bad games, I just didn't like them. So I'm gonna have to say Golden Eye: Rogue Agent and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

I quit playing Sigma somewhere in the middle, but Rogue Agent upset me. I played through that game on every single difficulty level, including one-life mode, and beat it, and I got absolutely nothing for my efforts. I was really bummed that there was no unlockable level or anything for all of that work.

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A Bug's Life 64. My first 64 game, and my biggest regret.


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God theres 3 of them...
1.Action 52 (had a cousin say hey dude want a fun game play this i had no idea about how bad the game was so yeah..)
2.Sonic R lets just say horrible controls and well lets just say ♪Can you feel the sunshine as it brightens up your day♪ Ugh _;
3.Super Breakout a extremely simple game that has lots of flaws like #1 when hitting your bricks you hit one and then go through a entire line of them and too many more problems to list. x.x;! (that one is for the gameboy color)

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