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Name one absurd ability, attachment or software that you wish the Wii had or could do...

Notice: For your safety, I am placing this disclaimer...This is not a serious thread...

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Shoot cake at me through the disc drive.



Gyro-feedback. So when I move the controller I get a natural resistance response.

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I predict this will be the next 50 page long topic.



make my meals, sing me to sleep, dress me, and burp me.

This isent a serios topic!?

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This lesbian bar doesent have a fire exit!


I would like a Time Travel device attachment

Or Soup in a Wii. Wait a minute...

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R.O.B. disc-changer (I'm lazy)



Shoot lasers at my enemies

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Go to work for me. Do my Laundry. Change the kitty box. Do my grocery shopping. Chew my food and spit it into my mouth. Give me money. Fill up the gas tank. Clean the kitchen. Buy me work boots (I need a new pair). Throw me a surprise party. Buy me a pony or let me ride it and pretend that it's a pony. Peel my bananas before I eat them. Scrub the toilets. Fix the front seat of my van. Change the lightbulbs on the high light fixtures so that I don't have to get the ladder. Clean my gutters. Mow my lawn. Make grass grow in the areas where I can't seem to get grass to grow. Have "relations" with me or just pleasure me in general (yeah, I went there). Fix my kitchen faucet. Prune my trees out back. Tell me amazing stories. Help me pick out what I am going to wear the next day. Type what I am saying. Make beer, coffee, or any beverage of my choice. Play cowboys and Indians with me. Fetch the mail. Beat up people who are mean to me.

Is that enough or should I go on?

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The ability to come up with it's own dang ability.

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Conquers the world and talks to me in a sexy female voice. I wish Paper Mario 3 was develpoed for it. Has EVERY retro game on the Virtual Console. Sony and Microsoft goes bankrupt. Chuck Norris advetises the Wii. A Princess Rosalina video game was made for the Wii. Pong Toss and It's My Birthday ceases to exist. More NPC games need to made. A 2.5D Sonic Wiiware game needs to be made. Superman 64 and Custer's Revenge need to be remade for WiiWare. The Wii also needs to scratch my back. Nintendo buys Rare back. Kingdom Hearts Wii is born. Mario Kart Wii needs to support Wii Speak.
Also,the Wii needs to play DVDs.
That's not even the HALF the list.



SuperSonic1990 wrote:

Has EVERY retro game on the Virtual Console.

I thought you were not that far from doing that anyways? LOL!

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

**Blows a kiss to Suda 51**

Funny.......but a bit (ugg, I used the term 'lol', what have I been reduced to?)

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

He's the bomb, who wouldn't want to kiss him; especially after playing No More Heroes!

True...So very true...Albeit quirky...So very true...

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I want to be able to put a pizza in the slot and have the Wii cook it for me. That way I can enjoy something delecious while playing Punch-Out!!

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The Wii vibrating technology, so as to provide better stimulation feedback while playing with the parental controls. Also, it needs to sing Still Alive to me while I slowly drift off to sleep.

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