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Don't we all have a lot of game options to keep us warm at night, rather than stressing over who beats who and what's better than what?

Most games I still play are going on 2-3 generations old. It's not unusual for me to find an older game to be more refreshing than a newer one. We have more options today than we know what to do with. So whether you're on a major quest, collecting coins, solving puzzles, or pwning n00bs online, just relax, have fun, and enjoy everything your favorite games provide.

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SNES > NES > Wii U > Wii > GBA >GB > PS3 > PS > Atari 2600

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Thats pretty much sums it up for me. Forget about labels and play what you enjoy.

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What exactly is this thread for?

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ChrisT99 wrote:

What exactly is this thread for?

(Attempting) to end the pointless console wars that are still raging.

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