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Pretty self-explanatory, here's how I did:
I had been a Pikmin fan for quite a while (since the second game came out) so I tried to find a site with news about Pikmin 3. However, since there wasn't much news about the game itself, I found Nintendolife's Wii U section near the starting of this year. After lurking for a while, I joined in June.

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I found Nlife looking for dsiware reviews 2 years ago. I don't know why it took me two years to join. Some unseen force just compelled me to sign up.

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When I got my Wii, I wanted to find a site that reviewed Wii games. I typed Wii game reviews on Yahoo, and found this site.

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I joined when VC-Reviews stopped being a thing.

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I found it when my Kid Icarus: Uprising craze started in late 2011. I was searching every single site that had even the slightest info on the game, this being one of them. After the hype went away, I still hung around here, unlike just about every other gaming site I visited. And exactly one year from today (just check actually, how ironic) I joined. And it's been a fun time here ever since.

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I just got a Wii U and wanted to be in a Wii U communtiy.



Looks like it's about time to revive this old gem, lol — may as well keep it all in one place. Come on in and share your stories, if you haven't already :3

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