Topic: Why utter lack of American Football or Basketball games for 3ds/DSiware?

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There has been only one Madden for 3ds. There has not even been a backyards football or basketball game. Why absolutely no NBA Live or Jam for any Nintendo handheld? I would even take a sequel to the not that good DS Tecmo Superbowl.
Yet soccer there is a lot of these games. I would bet a NBA Jam even a port of the SNES game would sell well on the 3ds. Even a Backyard game I would take and they aren't that great.

I forgot there was a very poor NBA Jam on GBC.

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Madden has always sucked on handhelds, it's too limited compared to its console counterparts. Now about Jam, I think they could easily make it on the 3ds. It's a matter of if its worth it to develop it..

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I think EA said they weren't going to be making anymore Madden games for the 3DS, due to how poorly the first one sold.

I'm not sure about Basketball, but I guess it's just a matter of time? (I mean, DS had Mario Hoops: 3 on 3, so I assume it'll eventually get a sequel.)

As for eShop titles, it seems like most eShop sports titles are coming from Japanese or European devs, where Football is pretty much nonexistent, and Basketball is much smaller (at least in Japan. I think it has a following in Europe).

BTW, Why not put this in the 3DS section? (seems like it'd be a better fit)


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